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3D Pen for children smileys with beer

Posted by 3dpkart 
3D Pen for children smileys with beer
April 10, 2017 11:28PM
3D Pen for childrenspinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Kids love to design and draw , why not let them create their own toys themselves.A father based in Chennai,India helping his 11 year old child to draw and manually turns his design into real life 3D Printed spectacles. 3D Printed items are safe since it is made of Eco-friendly plastic material ie.PLA.
Till now children's had access to only pen, crayons, paint, brushes , clay , paper and cardboard to draw. But now children can enjoy drawing with 3D Pen which is a latest 3D Printing technology. 3D Pen is a great tool for children's to draw in the air anything they think of. It also helps children's to communicate their feeling, emotion and upgrade their thinking in new way. Drawing with 3D Pen neither need any past 3d printing experience nor need any software. 3D Pen is very easy to use, great fun for kids and are available at reasonable price.

When a child draws something familiar to them, for example, spectacles,car,toys,etc they have the opportunity to think about what they know and how they feel towards it. To boost up inner creativity of child's , drawing with 3D Pen could be very helpful. Also it will help to develop manipulative skills, unleash an artist in child, enables them to use their imagination, experiment and try out new methods and expressions.

Children's can be benefited in number of ways by drawing with 3D Pen. like introduction to new technology, turning imagination into real life object and much more.

"Mr.Mahesh" a father is a great example for every Parents who wish to see their child ahead in this challenging world of technology.

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