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Finger toys for fidgety fingers

Posted by RickRap 
Finger toys for fidgety fingers
April 05, 2015 04:01PM
I made a few sets of the Nautilus gears and my kids love 'em. They're fidgety and like having stuff like that handy. Now I have a request for something smaller. I'm thinking a planetary gear model would be good, but what other models can anyone think of that would be good for fidgeting that would fit in a pocket?
Re: Finger toys for fidgety fingers
February 03, 2016 09:22PM
Gear bearings are fun.
Re: Finger toys for fidgety fingers
February 28, 2016 10:54PM
if they're fallin' in love with finger toys you can buy fingerboard or techdeck, fidgety fingers so dangerous if your children still young.

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Re: Finger toys for fidgety fingers
July 08, 2016 10:32AM
Oh I love having finger toys at work for when I'm thinking. (Okay, arguably I should be thinking most of the time when I'm at work, but you know how it goes.) I can recommend several, all fairly undemanding prints since that's what my machine can do just now:

Elliptical gears: [www.thingiverse.com] and I plan to expand it to: [www.thingiverse.com]

Concentric-sphere no-axes gimbal: [www.thingiverse.com]

My own celt (only likes to spin the way the arrows point): [www.thingiverse.com]
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