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Bed temperature is hopping

Posted by Treito 
Bed temperature is hopping
October 08, 2017 02:03AM

if I try to heat my bed the temperature is irregular. Also if the temperature is reached it is changing by some degrees. Where I have to look for the fault? I use a silicone heater with builtin thermistor. Duet 0.6 from Replikeo.

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Slicer: Simplify3D 4.0; sometimes CraftWare 1.14 or Cura 2.7
Delta with Duet 0.6 1k, FW: 1.19; inductive sensor for auto-leveling
Ormerod common modifications: Mini-sensor board by dc42, aluminum X-arm, 0.4 mm nozzle E3D like, 2nd fan, Z stepper nut M5 x 15, Herringbone gears, Z-axis bearing at top, spring loaded extruder with pneumatic fitting, Y belt axis tensioner
Ormerod 2: FW: 1.19-dc42 on Duet-WiFi. own build, modifications: GT2-belts, silicone heat-bed, different motors and so on. Printed parts: bed support, (PSU holder) and Y-feet.
Ormerod 1: FW: 1.15c-dc42 on 1k Duet-Board. Modifications: Aluminium bed-support, (nearly) all parts reprinted in PLA/ ABS, and so on.

Re: Bed temperature is hopping
October 08, 2017 03:43AM
Like causes are a bad connection in the thermistor wiring, or a short between the ground side of the thermistor and another ground.

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