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G1 lines without the G1

Posted by Sundog 
G1 lines without the G1
February 11, 2018 09:44PM
Hi all,

First of all, obligatory thanks for this outstanding software. Amazing!

I am afraid after getting my whole printer built, working, humming along nicely, I finally have a question, and I'm afraid it's a dumb one. I did look around for an answer but didn't find one.

I know that G1 codes can leave out the G1 and simply begin with an X, in fact most of the G code generators I've played around with do this after the first G1 line.

Marlin in the default configuration doesn't understand it. I'm sure it's a very simple thing since people do this every day, can someone drop me a hint?

Thanks! And keep up the fantastic work.

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Re: G1 lines without the G1
February 11, 2018 11:15PM
never heard anything like this

definitely doesn't apply to any reprap firmware I've seen.

The only thing even slightly similar is f parameter... its value is applied to all the next move gcodes until a new f parameter is set.

perhaps this is a CNC thing...
Re: G1 lines without the G1
February 13, 2018 06:35PM
As an example, here are the first few lines of a T2Laser file. WebLaser does the same thing. Unless I'm missing something, Marlin doesn't understand this format.

( Generated by T2Laser )
( SketchGcode for Grbl )
( Start Point: Center )
( Frame Mode : Abs. )
( X Maximum : 100 )
( Y Maximum : 100 )
( Laser Max : 255 )
( Vector Rate: 100 )
( Rapid Feed : 100 )
G01 X96 Y50.625 F100
M03 S0
X95.75 Y45.975 M03 S255 F100
X95.05 Y41.475 M03 S255 F100
X93.9 Y37.125 M03 S255 F100
X92.35 Y32.95 M03 S255 F100
X90.4 Y29 M03 S255 F100
X88.075 Y25.25 M03 S255 F100
X85.4 Y21.75 M03 S255 F100
X82.4 Y18.525 M03 S255 F100
X79.075 Y15.6 M03 S255 F100
X75.5 Y13 M03 S255 F100
X71.675 Y10.725 M03 S255 F100
X67.6 Y8.825 M03 S255 F100
X63.325 Y7.3 M03 S255 F100
X58.875 Y6.175 M03 S255 F100
X54.25 Y5.475 M03 S255 F100
X49.5 Y5.25 M03 S255 F100
X44.75 Y5.475 M03 S255 F100
X40.125 Y6.175 M03 S255 F100
X35.675 Y7.3 M03 S255 F100
X31.4 Y8.825 M03 S255 F100
X27.35 Y10.725 M03 S255 F100
Re: G1 lines without the G1
February 13, 2018 08:55PM
Both lasers... not repraps...

3d printers dont do that

from marlin

  switch (parser.command_letter) {
    case 'G': switch (parser.codenum) {
    case 'M': switch (parser.codenum) {
    case 'T':
    default: parser.unknown_command_error();

Ie if its doesnt start with G or M or T Its not a valid command.

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Re: G1 lines without the G1
February 13, 2018 10:05PM
Correct! You need the G (or M or T) code on each line!!!
Re: G1 lines without the G1
February 13, 2018 10:38PM
"( Generated by T2Laser )
( SketchGcode for Grbl"

reprap on only loosely based on GRBL, along time ago....

Your want this... install GRBL firmware
Re: G1 lines without the G1
February 14, 2018 04:43PM
Thanks for the input. No, grbl won't do it for me as I need extruder control. What I am building is far closer to a 3D printer than a laser engraver but I need the sort of capabilities the laser platforms give you. Guess I'll just have to work around it, shouldn't be a difficult feature to add.

Appreciate the information!

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