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New firmware 1.00-dc42

Posted by real 
New firmware 1.00-dc42
January 28, 2015 08:12PM
I'm pleased to announce the release of this latest version of my firmware fork at [github.com]. As I had run out of letters to append to 0.78, and the RRP dev branch is already up to version 1.02, I have taken the liberty of calling this version 1.00. This is the firmware series that I am recommending for use with PanelDue.

The main changes in this release compared to my last few 0.78 series releases are:


- The move code has been almost completely rewritten. It no longer uses the Bresenham algorithm to calculate step times, which in general led to non-uniform intervals between step pulses except when moving along the X or Y axis. Instead, the step intervals are calculated to the nearest microsecond using Newton's laws of motion.

- The minimum feed rate is now 0.5mm/sec for all axes. The M566 command is still used to set the maximum instantaneous speed change for each axis.

- Extruder elasticity compensation is supported (M572 command) In truth, I have not yet achieved the improvement in print quality that I was expecting from this feature. One of the problems is that if I set it to more than about 0.1, then the additional retraction tends to cause the filament to get stuck in the Bowden tube where it joins the hot end. But it is there to try if you want to.

- Endstops can now be configured properly (M574 command).

- The firmware now supports delta printers. Switching into delta mode is done using the M665 command. See [miscsolutions.wordpress.com] for how I converted my Mini Kossel to use Duet electronics.

- Debugging can now be enabled and disabled separately for all modules (M111 command). The module is selected using the P parameter.

- Additional status code 'C' is returned if the printer is polled while it is processing config.g. This is mostly so that the PanelDue can determine when the machine name and other parameters are stable.

For a full list of changes comparef to RRP 0.78c, see [github.com].

The web interface currently supported is 1.04 as before. I am liaising with zombiepantslol, and I expect to support his new web interface in this firmware series in the future.

If you are upgrading from my 0.78 series firmware or from RRP 0.78c, please note the following:

1. If you choose to keep your existing config.g file, you should add a line to configure the endstops. For Ormerod 1 use this:

M574 X0 Y2 Z0 S1 ; set endstop configuration (Y endstop only, at high end, active high)

For Ormerod 2 use this:

M574 X0 Y1 Z0 S1 ; set endstop configuration (Y endstop only, at low end, active high)

2 If you choose to keep your existing homing files, you will find that the final X homing is done very slowly. This is because the original RRP homing files specify 200mm/min as the fine X-homing speed, but that was well below the minimum enforced by the firmware. You can fix this by increasing the speed from 200 to (say) 500 in the G4 X command.

3 If you are running RRP 0.78c then you will need to update the /www files and subfolders on the SD card.
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