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My Dual Wire Gantry Printer

Posted by Celcius1 
My Dual Wire Gantry Printer
April 06, 2018 04:24AM
Hey Guys,

Here are some pics of my printer I am building (excuse the mess).

It has a build area of 350mm x 350mm x 410mm (Just measured the height of the print area), I use a Dual wire gantry for the X and Y movement, and its nice and sweet. and yes those are NEMA 23's yes I know its overkill but its what i had spare on the shelf!

I dont know the full height of the Z axis as I have yet to implement the Z lift, which I've ended up using good old leadscrews for. It's next on my list to get working smiling smiley I made the heated bed myself.

When the printer has a bit more complete I'll post some more pics.

Talk Soon

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