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Promega 3d Printer

Posted by wbwing 
Promega 3d Printer
September 15, 2017 01:10PM
I've been planning to build a 3d printer for 9 months right now, unfortunately delayed by surprise medical bills. My original budget was about $1100. As I was perusing the internet though... I came across the M3D Promega printer. I am blown away by the specs, and I'm trying to use the digital dentist guide to evaluating printers and while not perfect, it seems really good for the price. It has dual extruders, can heat up to 420C with an upgrade, comes with a filtration, has a decent controller, is enclosed, all metal frame, 15x15x15 build space, has rails in one axis. Has anyone else checked this printer out? It is supposed to retail for $3500, but is right now $1580 (started at $1000 originally) and the price goes up every day. I would pay almost that much for a much less capable machine and it has all the features I have wanted. However, I have not built my own 3d printer yet and maybe I'm missing cut corners on the quality front as this seems too good to be true. Has any one checked it out yet? Any opinions?
Re: Promega 3d Printer
September 18, 2017 01:25AM
Have you looked up reviews of their last printer? Awful bit of kit. I understand they are 2 products marketed at very different ends of the spectrum, but to me this implies a company who like to cut corners. Also I can't find a single picture that isn't a render, does the machine even exist yet? Given the sales of the last printer couldn't they afford to make the printer, do some real photos and show some print examples?

I am building a similar printer myself and the total cost is £1200 with dual e3d extruders, duet electronics and aluminium enclosure. I've costed it quite well and I don't expect that price to go any higher.

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