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$145 SparkMaker - The Most Affordable SLA 3D Printer ?

Posted by roland 
$145 SparkMaker - The Most Affordable SLA 3D Printer ?
August 11, 2017 08:33AM
Wondering why no one wants to discuss the [www.kickstarter.com]

I am backing it because I finally have come up with a concept to turn the SparkMaker into a SMD multilayer PCB maker. And for this i would happily invest $200 and even a resolution of 0.2mm = 200 microns would be all that is needed for that outstanding great use case. With the proper resin even flexible circuits should be possible. The small build size would be absolutely okay and as SLA printers do a complete layer within a few seconds, you could really produce a PCB under 5 minutes.

The campaign had a good start but then the creators were so nice to stage a 12 hours live print with multiple objects printed. Some prints did not show many details because creator indeed seemed to be very nervous and choose to over-cure in order to not take any risks of prints failing.

That event killed most of the momentum. It is slowly recovering now but these young Chinese creators do not really understand how important it is to connect to their backer community.


We mostly are only FDM experts, so i dream that some SLA experts give a comment here.

This little $145 printer is somehow a kind of its own. It for now only has a 480 x 854 lcd display whereas most of the $500+ printer come with 1440p.
480p only yields a resolution of no less than 120 microns, but to my knowledge there is no printer in between $145 and $500+

So it does not really makes sense to compare the SparkMaker to any existing SLA printer ?
Question rather is: Can this printer indeed be useful for beginners ?

It is not impossible to reach the $1M stretch goal to get a better lcd which would increase the resolution to 50-80 microns. 720p or 1080p ?

But the campaign is now having hard times because no-one really knows what to think of the printer.

And the young creators are so happy that they have already hit the funding goal 1700% that they are fully busy preparing for production.
Kickstarter is not really for us backers but for the creators. So we can NOT rule how they should treat us. They have their dream and live it.

So what do some SLA experts say ? Would a 150 microns SLA printer to print little figurines still be worth $205 (inkl. worldwide shipping)

Ideas welcome :-)

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