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ULIO 3D Printer

Posted by Yvan256 
ULIO 3D Printer
August 11, 2016 08:43AM
"Meet ULIO, a 3D printer that's almost entirely 3D printed which students get to draft, print and assemble."

Indiegogo campaign: [www.indiegogo.com]

What I find fascinating, from what we can see so far anyway, is that printer seems to be the most 3D-printed design I've seen so far, even besting the Tantillus in that department because the ULIO seems to be using the 3D-printed frame itself as linear guides. I guess we'll see more photos from other angles once the campaign is over, but it seems like a really neat project to get more 3D printers into the hands of students. Close-up photos of 100 microns prints also seem to show really good 3D-printing capabilities so it's not simply a proof-of-concept and has the potential to be useful.
Re: ULIO 3D Printer
August 15, 2016 10:22AM
Might be the perfect counterpoint to the move towards making everything out of metal.

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