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Slic3r v1.3.0-dev infill problem

Posted by Samuel.hk 
Slic3r v1.3.0-dev infill problem
September 15, 2017 10:47PM
As seen in the picture printed using v1.3.0-dev infill was shifted to one side leaving a gap on the other side of the inner wall. With the same setting I use v1.2.9 to print again, this time the infill look much better.
open | download - V1.3.0-dev.jpg (84.3 KB)
open | download - V1.2.9.jpg (79.6 KB)
Re: Slic3r v1.3.0-dev infill problem
September 16, 2017 09:18AM
I'm currently using slic3r-prusa edition V1.34.1.
They really did a good job adding features and debug. I don't have the link at hand, it's on my Laptop.
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