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Adding a post-processor script crashes slic3r

Posted by iphark 
Adding a post-processor script crashes slic3r
July 06, 2017 05:04AM
Important infos first:
Win 10 Home 64Bit
Slic3r version is
Python version is 3.6

Unfortunately the current slicing and postprocessing contains a lot of instances where the valve (printing with a pneumatic system) will not close when crossing borders or moving to another point (besides while printing) which adds a lot of unwanted lines in the model.

I wrote a postprocessing script that tackles this problem. But when I add it in the print settings (there is already a postprocessing script in there which is being used successfully) and save the changes slic3r crashes.
And until I remove the modified Ini from AppData/Roaming/Slic3r/print/modified.ini it won't start either (it shortly appears in the task manager but does not exceed 82MB of RAM before it just vanishes).

Does anyone have an idea why that is the case?

Do you need my postprocessing script?

Glad for every help I can find.


I just noticed that any change made to the post-processing part leads to a crash of slic3r (e.g. adding or removing a script). So I don't think it has to do with my script.

Since I had one postprocessing script in place that was accepted and working I thought I might just modify it to include the feature I want. Turns out that Slic3r fully ignores the postprocessing script now. After changing the script back into it's original form it is still ignored.


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Re: Adding a post-processor script crashes slic3r
July 06, 2017 11:01PM
Which slic3r version do you use? There are Prusa-versions that are much more stable than the 1.19 "stable"

I see the same crashes everytime I try to change the nozzle diameter in the printer-settings. The only way it works, is to use the "default" profile* and make all changes at once and then save it under a new name.
*( in some Slic3r versions, the default-profiles are hidden and you have to enable " show default settings " in the preferences)

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