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Variable layer config can be saved?

Posted by mag00 
Variable layer config can be saved?
June 28, 2017 12:01PM
Hello all.

The title says all I need to know.

I started to use the variable layer configuration under Settings/Layers tab in Slic3r and this feature is very interesting, but it can not be saved anywhere.... or can?

I tried to find it in google but I had no lucky to this question.

If I close Slic3r or delete the geometry on screen then I loose this configuration.

Does anyone know if I can do this?

Thanks in advance.
Re: Variable layer config can be saved?
June 29, 2017 12:37AM
Every part is different and needs a different layer height optimization. Or did you find a general setting that improves all prints?
First layer height is a different story of course.
Re: Variable layer config can be saved?
June 30, 2017 06:27PM
I agree that every part is different, unless it is the same part that you just want to change some setting in configuration.

If I could save some type of file with layer specification for specific models it should be nice.

Something like, for example, a native file for slic3r. Lets call it as a .SL3 file that maintain the geometry and these variable layer settings.

So, when I call this .SL3 it brings back the model and special layers condition.

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