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Dual extrusion temperature difference

Posted by matthewrwright 
Dual extrusion temperature difference
January 15, 2017 04:19PM
Hi All, Got a strange question about dual extrusion in Slic3r. I'm running 1.2.9 on MacOS and trying to set up dual extrusion. I'm relatively new to Slic3r having used Cura a lot in the past, however Cura doesn't seem to properly support dual extrusion on custom machines as of the current version.

I have configured my filament in Slic3r at First Layer 210, bed 60, other layers the same. Ooze prevention is on at -20 degree temperature delta.

Basically Extruder 0 is printing at 210 as expected, Extruder 1 is printing at 200

For reasons I'm trying to work out, the GCode starts:

M190 S60 ; set bed temperature
M104 S190 T0 ; set temperature
M104 S180 T1 ; set temperature

Then once each tool is selected as active during the gcode, T0 always heats to 210 (as expected) however when T1 is selected, it only heats to 200!!

It's driving me nuts. I wanted to check if it's user stupidity, or a bug before I submit anything.


Re: Dual extrusion temperature difference
January 15, 2017 11:48PM
Just thought I'd post a follow up - I've found the issue.. user stupidity.

In selecting dual extruders Slic3r had selected one of my material profiles for extruder 1, and "Default" as extruder 2. I hadn't noticed on the right menu bar that there were two material options, so assumed the Default as something else as it had a different icon.

Just updated, selected the right material, and there we go! Pre heat on both nozzles is as expected at 190 with active print at 210!

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