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Copenhagen Progress

Posted by rapatan 
Copenhagen Progress
May 21, 2016 05:18AM

Updated mechanical parts including minor changes to electron gun and chamber, along with changes to nylon insulators in High Voltage Power Supply Transformer. New information flow enabling people to create there own working drawings; Achieved by downloading files from parts section and opening zipped .stp files in freecad, then exporting each part in FreeCAD drawing workbench.

Working drawing's details can be gained from FreeCAD part name;it has part number, version number, description and material information in its part name. CNC finish is adequate for all parts as vacuums up to 10-6 Torr do not require specialized surface finishes.

Assembly301.zip (main assembly)
Minor improvements, part numbers/ version number/ description/ material information. available when .stp file is unziped and opened in FreeCAD.

Solid Nylon Transformer HV Insulator.zip (insulators for HV SMPS transformer)
Switch Mode Power Supply Transformer 1KV and 63KV nylon insulators, Printed in Nylon with a 100% Infill(Solid). Unzip the file and open the .STP in FreeCAD then export to .STL for 3D Plastic Printer,

Updated Switch mode power supply PCB's will be released soon.

kind regards

MetalicaRap Team
Re: Copenhagen Progress
May 24, 2016 12:21AM
Great! Good to see things are still moving along even if there is not a huge amount of progress.

I took a look at the wiki, are you guys still planning on going with a borosilicate glass tube for the outside of the vacuum chamber? If so, have you sourced a tube yet?

I've been talking to glass vendors through alibaba (and some locally) to try and get a borosilicate glass tube 400mm OD x 1000mm manufactured. I've so far not had too much luck, the minimum price I've been quoted was about $2,000 per tube Which is expensive, especially as things from China are a dice roll when it comes to quality, tolerances and final finish. Have you had better luck than me?

There was a 315mm OD tube that I thought might work, but when I shaped everything out in CAD I ended up with a build area of about 100mm per side, which I deemed too small. Quotes for those ranged about $300/piece + shipping. Let me know if you guys found anything better!
Re: Copenhagen Progress
October 06, 2016 07:19PM
Great! Good to see things are still moving along even if there is not a huge amount of progress i like artikel
Re: Copenhagen Progress
June 23, 2017 03:03AM

We have added some more flanges to the electron gun. So you can build the gun sections.

In file and parts section new assemble "assemble301.zip"
Notes for the above,
Modular design implemented through multiple flange connection in gun, Magnetic Lens 1 and Lens 2 are now designed for ease of manufacturer (Part numbers for lenses is coming in next upload) available when .stp file is unziped and opened in FreeCAD. NOW READY FOR BUILDING - using standard part for cross c-0600-450 Lesker

Powersupply development going well , manufacturing of parts continues.

kind regards
Metalicarap team
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