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Heat Resistant TPU

Posted by Arnold Lane 1000 
Heat Resistant TPU
April 30, 2017 06:25PM
Hi there,

We are alpha testing a heat resistant thermoplastic polyurethane material that we are working on and I thought we would take this forum to share what what has been achieved to date.

The base polymer is capable of withstanding 150 degrees c for 3000 + hours, however we would like to see whats capable with 3 d printed items.

The following video displays a few tests conducted so far.

Heat resistant TPU video

If you have an item an idea or feedback to test this polymer please PM or post an stl. and we will see what can be achieved.

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Re: Heat Resistant TPU
May 17, 2017 03:44AM

I have a couple of questions. We are looking for a material solution to create 3D printed molds. These molds will be used to create models made with ballistic gel. Ballistic gel melts at around 140 C and has to be held at this temperature for 4 hours for the elimination of trapped air bubbles.Can your TPU material resist this treatment? What is the hardness of the material (it can be difficult to print supports with flexible materials if they are too soft, as the supports start to wobble on higher layers)? Do you have any idea about printing parameters (hotend and bed temperature)?

Re: Heat Resistant TPU
May 17, 2017 11:30AM
... you can use high-temperature moulding 2K-silicone - made some moulds from milled parts some years ago ... the moulds can withstand temperatures of 350 degC continuous and 450 degC for short time exposure winking smiley

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