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Sony VPL ES3 Projector mod and bulb choice?

Posted by Tinkerhabits 
Sony VPL ES3 Projector mod and bulb choice?
June 01, 2015 03:26PM
Hey everyone I just ordered a Sony VPL ES3 projector to mod for my dlp projector setup . I need some help figuring out how to mod it , and chosing a bulb for it within the curing range . Id like to try a unsheilded hid if its not out of the question thanks

Re: Sony VPL ES3 Projector mod and bulb choice?
December 30, 2016 08:21PM
If you can't find any info on Google for the ballast bypass and any other sensor bypass, the only option as I did is to follow the wires and traces, read voltages and figure out by yourself how to mod it (Mitsubishi xd250u).

For light source I'm going for a 405nm led, I purchased few different wattage for testing from 9w, 20w and crazy 100w, but as long as your light source have good amount of uv light and is powerful enough any bulb will do.

Note: you might need or not to remove color wheel and any filters in the lenses that will reduce uv pass, if you go with uv led, be sure to activate it via controller and not always on and if possible high speed pulsing to reduce dlp chip damage.
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