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generation 1 electronics just curious

Posted by terramir 
generation 1 electronics just curious
February 22, 2012 11:18PM
Okies I know the generation one electronics was based on pic chips, but honestly it seems like someone took down most of the instructions and documentations because I cannot find a complete set of instructions for the pic based electronics. while I know the 1st generation had quite a few problems, i.e. microstepping not available etc. it would be a nice project once I get my rep rap up and running to build a darwin with the original electronics :p
can someone link me into that I think we should preserve all knowledge we had here somehow, but it seems like too much has been distroyed.
(PS I might just have all the needed electronics in order to build a version one laying around LOL ( I have a box somewhere with a bunch of pic chips that's for sure.)
Re: generation 1 electronics just curious
February 24, 2012 03:45AM
Schematics and build instructions:

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