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Smart PCB effector

Posted by dc42 
Re: Smart PCB effector
September 16, 2017 09:27AM
Just saw the schematic. It is indeed a bridge. Looks like 2 branches are made with I suppose, 3 tracks each, the other 10k ref R. Op amp direct to the ADC. All signal treatment done by software. Much more sophisticated and versatile than the Piezo system where it is done via OP amp and comparator. Really neat.

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Re: Smart PCB effector
September 16, 2017 02:14PM
The firmware is also published now, see [duet3d.com] for the link.

The hardware is indeed a bridge. The 3 sensor areas on each side are connected in series. The electronics and firmware looks for changes in the bridge output in a limited speed range, so that slow changes due to e.g. the underside heating faster than the top side don't trigger it.

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