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Zonestar D810B from AliExpress

Posted by frankvdh 
Re: Zonestar D810B from AliExpress
May 29, 2017 12:06PM
Someone has designed an adaptor to attach a Bowden connector to the effector.
Re: Zonestar D810B from AliExpress
June 28, 2017 05:39PM
This morning I went out to my printer and found about 20m of filament wrapped around it. Not the usual? extruded spaghetti... in this case the Bowden connector at the extruder end had come loose. This connector is held in place by an M3 screw (originally this was a little grub screw, but I found I often needed to disconnect the Bowden tube from the extruder to start new filament, so for convenience I replaced it with an M3 socket cap screw) screwed into the aluminium of the extruder, clamping against the outside of the threaded part of the connector. In my case, the M3 thread in the extruder had stripped, so there was not enough friction holding the connector in place. I'll be drilling the hole out to 3.5mm and tapping it for M4.

Just wanted to let others know to check that screw hole.

I guess I should be glad that in this case the filament hasn't been wasted... I just have to wind the tangle back onto the spool.

Re: Zonestar D810B from AliExpress
August 05, 2017 04:57PM
A quick update;

I'm working towards putting a Diamond hotend on my printer, so I've designed a new spoolholder and extruder mount.

The spool holder & extruder mount screw to the 2040 extrusion at the top of the printer. This makes the spool holder and extruder much more accessible for changing filament, and shortens the Bowden tube quite a bit. The spool holder is positioned so it feeds as directly as possible into the extruder. The spool's weight isn't taken by the screws... it's still sitting on top of the acrylic plate on the top of the printer.

The extruder mount is designed for the stepper motor and extruder that I got with my printer. Other extruders (e.g. the ones that came with my Diamond) will probably need a redesign.

I also made some braces to hold the bed laterally -- I'd noticed some movement of the bed while printing. These screw to the bottom 2020 extrusion using an M3 screw and hammer-nut.

Incidentally, after weeks of failed prints, I found that one of my stepper mounts had broken (again). The motor could move about 2-3mm sad smiley

Re: Zonestar D810B from AliExpress
August 05, 2017 11:23PM
Like these design especially keeping the tilt of the spool. I had the same issue with 2 nema, fixed the issue by adding silent bloc for nema 17, reduced vibration et the overall noise in the same time.

These are cheap on Aliexpress, I've these ones : [m.fr.aliexpress.com]

You won't believe the change it makes.

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