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Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand

Posted by Falcondestroyer123 
Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
January 21, 2018 01:27AM
Hey guys I wondering if anyone tried cutting Extrusion by hand with a hacksaw. If one of you guys did it please tell me how straight it would be and how ruff. Thanks
Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
January 21, 2018 07:14AM
Even with power tools, cuts usually aren't square when finished. A hacksaw will leave a rough surface that isn't square. If you try to build a square frame with pieces cut that way you'll have to use plates in the corners to force squareness.

I've heard that MIsumi will cut parts squarely for a small extra charge, probably well worth it because bolting the pieces directly to each other saves a lot of expense for plates and hardware.

When I build using t-slot, I cut parts a few mm longer than needed, then put them on a milling machine to square up the ends and trim them to matching lengths. When I bolt them together they come out square without any plates at the corners.

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Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
January 21, 2018 04:20PM
ok thanks
Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
January 21, 2018 05:18PM
I use 80/20 Inc They have many sizes already cut just select the precut sizes.
Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
January 21, 2018 10:29PM
In Europe, Motedis supplies extrusion cut to size too.

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Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
January 22, 2018 09:25AM
I use 80/20 Inc They have many sizes already cut just select the precut sizes.

If anyone uses 80/20 keep in mind they have a smaller slot size so not every drop in or slide in nut will fit. I just got some 80/20 2020 and had to order some slide in nuts that were 2 or 3 times more expensive than standard ones.

BTW if you know a cheap source for ones that work with 80/20 please let me know.
Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
January 22, 2018 02:54PM
Every t-slot manufacturer has slightly different dimensions for the slot. You can buy cheap t-nuts from China that claim to fit one or another brand of t-slot, but you get what you get. A few minutes with a grinder can make nuts that are off a little fit OK. The alternative is to buy the hardware from the t-slot manufacturer and be prepared to mortgage your home to pay for them, or make your own from bar stock.

If you want to attach plates to the corners because you can't cut the ends square and bolt them directly to each other all you need is carriage bolts. 40x40 and 1.5" square t-slot has 8mm/5/16" wide slots so 8mm or 5/16" carriage bolts will fit into the slots just fine. 1" square t-slot has 1/4" wide slots, so 1/4" carriage bolts work.

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Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
January 22, 2018 07:11PM
Could i use a hacksaw and a mitre box to cut the extrusion
Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
January 23, 2018 06:08AM
Sure. Or you could use a miter saw or a table saw with a carbide blade. But don't be disappointed when the cuts don't come out square.

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Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
April 06, 2018 08:46PM
If we want to get a good cutting effect and surface of aluminum extrusion, it is necessary to choose a good aluminum saw blade. The aluminum saw blade is the most common cutting tool for aluminum material processing. The quality of the carbide saw blade is closely related to the quality of the processed products. It is very important to select cemented carbide saw blade correctly and reasonably for improving product quality, shortening processing cycle and reducing processing cost. The carbide saw blade includes the variety of the alloy cutter head, the material of the matrix, the diameter, the number of teeth, the thickness, the tooth shape, the angle, the aperture and so on. These parameters determine the machining ability and cutting performance of the saw blade. When selecting saws, the saw blades shall be selected according to the type, thickness, sawing speed, sawing direction, feeding speed and sawing width of sawing materials.

Saw blade requirements of the aluminium extrusions

I). basic requirements:
1.,when cutting aluminium extrusion select suitable saw blades according to the design requirements of the equipment. 2. equipment should have safety protection devices, such as protective cover, power failure brakes, overload protection and so on. There are 3. professional operators to install and use, and wear labor clothing, wear protective glasses, ear etc.. 4. operators can not bring gloves, long hair to work under the cap, and pay attention to the tie and cuffs, to prevent the occurrence of danger. 5. away from the fire and wet environment.

(II ) installation requirements:

1, the equipment is in good condition, the spindle has no deformation, no diameter jump, solid mounting and no vibration. 2, check whether the saw blade is damaged, whether the tooth type is complete, whether the saw plate is smooth and smooth, and whether there are other abnormal phenomena, so as to ensure the safety of operation. 3, when assembling, make sure that the direction of the saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the main shaft. 4, when the blade is installed, the shaft center, the disc and the flange plate should be kept clean, the inner diameter of the flange plate is in accordance with the inner diameter of the saw blade, and the flange plate is tightly combined with the saw blade, and the positioning pin is installed and the nut is tightened. The size of the flange shall be appropriate, and the outer diameter shall not be less than 1/3 of the saw blade diameter. 5, before the equipment is opened, to ensure the safety of the equipment, there is a single operation equipment, move empty, check the equipment turn right or not, there is no vibration, saw blade first empty for a few minutes, without skidding, swinging or beating normal work.

(III) the use of the requirements:

1, the work work, the workpiece should be ensured to be fixed, the profile positioning conforms to the direction of the knife, so as not to cause abnormal entry, do not apply side pressure or curve cutting, keep the knife smoothly, avoid the impact contact of the blade, and cause the saw blade breakage, or the workpiece flying out, accident accident. 2. When working, when it is found that the sound and vibration are abnormal, the cutting surface is rough, or the odor is produced, it is necessary to terminate the operation immediately, check in time, and eliminate the faults in order to avoid accidents. 3, at the start and stop cutting cutting, do not feed too fast, avoid breaking and damage. 4. If the aluminum alloy or other metals are cut, special cooling lubricants should be used in order to prevent the overheating of the saw blade, produce paste teeth, and other damage, and affect the cutting quality. 5, equipment chip drain and suction device ensure smooth flow, so as to prevent slag accumulation and affect production and safety. 6, dry cutting, please do not long time continuous cutting, so as not to affect the saw blade's life and cutting effect; wet sheet cutting should be water cut, to guard against leakage.

(IV.) saw blade maintenance:
If the 1. saw blade is not used immediately, it should be put in flat or using the inner hole to hang it, and the flat saw blade can not be stacked with other items or foot step, and should pay attention to moistureproof and corrosion protection. 2., when the saw blade is no longer sharp and the cutting surface is rough, it must be repaired in time. Grinding can not change the original angle and destroy the dynamic balance. 3., the inner diameter of saw blade and the location hole must be processed by the manufacturer. If the processing is bad, it will affect the use effect of the product, and may be dangerous, the expansion of the hole in principle can not exceed the original aperture 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress. The choice of 4. alloy grinding wheel. 1) the bonding strength of resin bonded diamond grinding wheel is weak, so it has good self sharpening, not easy to jam, high grinding efficiency, low grinding force and low grinding temperature. It is poor in wear resistance and high wear loss, and is not suitable for heavy load grinding. 2) the wear resistance and bonding ability of the ceramic bond diamond wheel are better than that of the resin bond. The cutting edge is sharp, the grinding efficiency is high, the heating and blockage is not easy, the thermal expansion is less, the precision is easy to control, the defect grinding surface is coarser and the cost is higher. 3) metal bonded diamond grinding wheel has high strength, good wear resistance, low wear, long life, low grinding cost and can bear large load, but it is poor and easy to clog. 4) the abrasive grain size has a certain effect on the clogging and cutting quantity of the grinding wheel. Compared with the fine sand particles, the cutting edge of the coarse grit increases with the coarse grit, and the grinding wheel is easy to block. 5) the hardness of the grinding wheel has great influence on clogging. The hardness is high and the thermal conductivity of the grinding wheel is high, which is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the surface, but is conducive to improving the machining accuracy and durability. 6) the concentration selection of the grinding wheel is an important characteristic. It has a great influence on the grinding efficiency and the processing cost. The concentration is too low to affect the efficiency, and on the contrary, the abrasive particles are easy to fall off, but the optimum concentration range is also the best.

Sincerely the information above could be somehow help and valuable for you !

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Sichuan Zlinkage Technology Co.,Limited.
(Aluminium extrusion&Steel products&Plastic products Supplier)
Tel: 86-28-86911537
Email:[email protected]
Address:1303#,13th floor,unit1,#1700,north section,tianfuavenus,gaoxin district,chengdu,china(sichuan)pilot free trade zone.
Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
April 20, 2018 12:21PM
I don't have access to a milling machine..but am building an all metal Delta with 330 mm printing surface and 1000mm verticals. I have a 10" radial arm saw and a drill press. I do have to print drill guides when dimensions are critical. I have evened the ends of extrusion by hand and it can be a bitch. But, I can't bring myself to spend $150 to have my heated bed plate machined when the .25" plate cost me $20. So I will cut it with a jig saw and file it to final dimension's. If you want to follow my build its posted on this forum. [forums.reprap.org] By the way, my Cartesian is made from mostly 2080 v-slot and I cut every one with my saw and squared them with a file. I spent six years in the airforce doing repairs on aluminum aircraft. Patching bullet holes in the field without machinery taught me you can get it very close with a file, square and calipers. Yes its slow, but I am retired and have the time. Have you ever ground aluminum extrusion on a table saw using the side of a metal cutting blade. Not safe but is a great way to square up a piece.

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Re: Cutting Aluminum Extrusion By hand
April 20, 2018 12:24PM
I read your post completely through and I still don't know how many teeth/inch you suggest. I haven't seen so much print that said so little.
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