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RepRap Tevo Tornado/Cr-10

Posted by masterviana 
RepRap Tevo Tornado/Cr-10
December 27, 2017 11:53PM
Considering the system of rails used by tevo Tornado or Cr-10 I'm wondering what kind of system is that it seems a lot better than traditional rods and lm8uu.

Anyone knows some RepRap printer project that uses this kind of carriage instead rods/lm8uu?? I'm thinking in rebuild some of my printers using a similar system.
Re: RepRap Tevo Tornado/Cr-10
December 28, 2017 12:51AM
They use openbuild v-slot extrusion and V-slot (mini-) wheels. The internet is full of similar projects.
Re: RepRap Tevo Tornado/Cr-10
December 28, 2017 03:28AM
Cloud you give someone of that project? Like a folger 2020 extrustion with this mini wheels instead rods?
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