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A140 Mini Huxley Reprap 3D Printer kit

Posted by wendy 
A140 Mini Huxley Reprap 3D Printer kit
April 01, 2015 10:43PM
Hello everyone
Our products are in store promotions, if you buy the product and now, We will give you some print filaments and special high temperature adhesive tape for free. If you need, please contact me. sales@reprapmall.com
3D Printer kit pack contains all parts for assembling and printing:
Hardware fittings - 1 Pack.
5 NEMA14 stepper motors.
Heating bed 1 set of components.
Extrusion units 1 set.
RP plastic parts 1 bag (total 42 piece. 2 metal coupling).
1 set of power supply.
1 piece of Motherboard.
Besides, we will give you 100g ABS , a set of special little tools and 1m high temperature tap as gifts.smiling smiley

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