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Ulti Printer

Posted by chriske 
Ulti Printer
March 05, 2017 02:35AM

Purpose is to replace my two old i2 reprap printers by two of own design. I think it is about time to give them a long and well deserved rest after almost 4 years of continuous printing. So retirement is imminent... They served me VERY well. (see [www.thingiverse.com]) Over the years all these projects are done with these two old i2's, so I can't complain at all...can I..?

The first of these two replacements (Ulti-Printer I call it) is just finished and works remarkably well. [www.thingiverse.com]
It has a standard bed 200x200mm. The second one will have larger bed, maybe 200x300mm, don't know yet.
I choose to build a very sturdy printer. I did not use the classic LMUU bearings but made my own bearings. So there's '0' play because I can rule it out(all bearings are adjustable).
Anyway just did a first test with it and I'm very pleased with the quality of it's prints.(see image). More info about this testprint to be found here.

open | download - Ulti-Printer-62-PS.JPG (92.7 KB)
Re: Ulti Printer
March 05, 2017 07:48AM

There was a problem during slicing. A very thin 'wall' part of the print did not appear in the preview.
I lowered the 'Extrusion width' to 0.40 (instead of 0.45) and problem is solved.
There was a small perimeter error at the start of the bridging higher up. This will be solved by greasing the Z-axis.
The thinnest of the 3 standing rods measure only a whopping 0.78mm(0.03"). Although it bended al the way around I was surprised myself that little thing didn't break during printing.

open | download - Ulti-Printer-61-S3D-EW040.JPG (95.8 KB)
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