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LCD SLA 3D Printer

Posted by altnelu 
LCD SLA 3D Printer
December 01, 2016 10:33AM
My printer with resin and LCD screen.


Re: LCD SLA 3D Printer
December 02, 2016 12:48AM
Sorry, I didn't watch the video ( limited download volume )
Is a LCD screen as effective as a DLP chip from a beamer? Does it completely block UV rays?
Re: LCD SLA 3D Printer
December 02, 2016 01:43AM
It is not effective, but is smaller.
Do not use UV. Use daylight.
Re: LCD SLA 3D Printer
December 02, 2016 04:58PM
You've got to love the mechanical simplicity of SLA, and the print quality.
Re: LCD SLA 3D Printer
December 21, 2016 07:55AM
I love this printer. I am searching all over the place for LCDs now.
I came up with an idea - old cell phone with 3.5" LCD with 800x480 pixel resolution. It can even do the displaying of the pictures and drive the stepper/LED no problem.
I even found a node.js slicer capable of running on such android device.
The only problem is I broke the LCD on the first one and now I am only left with one, so I am a bit worried I'll break it again.
But aliexpress is full of cheap under-performing android phones, so I am not THAT worried smiling smiley
Re: LCD SLA 3D Printer
January 07, 2017 06:14PM
Are your LCDs printer equipped with raspberry pi ?
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