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~27 volt steppers

Posted by Ollie 
~27 volt steppers
June 17, 2011 11:55AM
Well, an old printer was being thrown out, so i "collected" these motors, but there both 27.6volt, so not really sure what to do with them... Any ideas?
Re: ~27 volt steppers
June 17, 2011 01:29PM
... they are good for switching with a transistor matrix but mostly not usefull for common stepper drivers eye rolling smiley

Re: ~27 volt steppers
June 17, 2011 05:01PM
The motors at 27V are high voltage, probably tin-can steppers, and probably a high angle so indeed not much use for them, probably unipolar too.

However, salvaging stuff is an art grinning smiley you need to live with 5 euros/day to appreciate it grinning smiley There is more to it than just steppers.

If you salvaged the psu from that printer aswell, you could have psu for them already. Its probably low power, and would only work with those 2 and some logic, but you can underdrive the steppers or push the supply a little and make room for a 3rd stepper, should have that extra space. So psu=good too - it already has the voltage you want for those motors, and probably has a 5v line out also, but dont confuse it with "power good" or "power status" that some supplies have.

Else with a 7805 and few caps you have a logic supply for a mcu. I doubt there is a 7805 on those electronics, but some switching logic regulator is somewhere there, maybe 5v even, and probably has all the caps nearby.

If you want to push things to extreme, find the stepper driver ic on the electronics, and download and read the datasheet - and bang you can use those too, and as a bonus for reading datasheet, they have already all support components nearby.

Dont be afraid to do whatever. And if anything goes wrong, you burn something, remember its all good since you didnt had anything to start with! So its probably the best way to learn - on the cheap.

Happy hacking and good luck grinning smiley
Re: ~27 volt steppers
June 20, 2011 08:32AM
>grinning smiley< Lets see what happens! Hopefully i don't but down teh house in the process smileys with beer
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