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Stepper motor 0.72 /step

Posted by Bobyni 
Stepper motor 0.72 /step
January 04, 2017 10:30PM
Dear all,

Looking for some feedback.
How would a stepper motor with 0.72/step be running for a 3 d printer?
I mean, is it feasible ?
If yes, what stepper driver could run it?
Would the popular polulu 8255 or 4988, TCM2100
able to run? Then a Duetwifi, Smoothieboard could handle this motor?
Apology if much of the questions sounds redundant, but the more I learn,
the more I could decide which way I should go for my next build. ( slowwwww project)
It has 16.6 kg cm holding torque at1.4A/phase
And 2.7Vdc
5 phase
model: A16K-569

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Stepper motor 0.72 /step
January 05, 2017 01:02AM
The usual steppers that can run directly from Pololu style drivers ( or onboard drivers ) are 2-phase motors.
Yours is 5-phase, so it would require an external driver that uses step/dir inputs for control.
It would be an improvement in terms of accuracy, but you'd have to reduce mirostepping with 8-bit controllers to be able to run it fast enough. That would make it noisy.
Better use 0.9° steppers with 2 phases ( bipolar ), they run off the shelf with all our controllers and drivers ( maybe not in 1/32 )
Re: Stepper motor 0.72 /step
January 05, 2017 12:19PM
Thanks o_Lampe,

Yes, after I posted, I continued to search in internet, and found the proper stepper drived for a stepper of such will be a cost of hal printer....

I guess, I will sell this stepper motor in eBay
and go from there...
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