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Massive retraction at start

Posted by EddyMI3d 
Massive retraction at start
August 23, 2014 10:42AM
Hello Forum!

I've got a problem (what else ;-) )
I'm quite fresh to Skeinforge but got it to work with Repetier und my K8200.
But at the beginning the gcode retracts a lot of filament, so that nothing comes out the first three to four layers (depending on the model). With the vast amount of parameters it seems I lost the overview.
Where do I set the retraction parameters, especial during the star sequence.

Than in advance for help,

PS: Working with the last recent version of Skeinforge

This is my start.gcode:

M104 S195 ; set hotend temperature to 195
M190 S50 ; set hotbed temperature to 500
G28 ; go home
G92 ; use current position as zero
M109 S195 ; wait for hotend temperature

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Live long and prosper
Re: Massive retraction at start
August 23, 2014 02:37PM

the retract parameters are in the dimension tab.
I recommend to use the absolut dimension for the e-axis value.

But, i think you forgot to set the e-axis (extruder) to zero.

You can simply do this by adding the following command line to the start code:

G92 E0

Have fun...

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