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e3d volcano extruder

Posted by jrrust 
e3d volcano extruder
November 01, 2015 03:23PM
Hello i am making a 400x400 build volume extrusion based printer similar to the folgertech design but enlarged. In a effort to reduce print times I’m going to run a e3d volcano and switch between the .4-1.2mm tips as needed. From other reviews I’ve read most extruders can’t keep up with the flow rate of the 1.2mm. Planing on using 1.75 filament but don’t know where to look for a high speed extruder that will last. I have also already ordered a 45Ncm stepper. any information is greatly appreciated this will be my first build and learning a lot along the way.
Re: e3d volcano extruder
November 02, 2015 01:56PM
I need this information also.... I have asked in another thread but did not get responses that were based on experience with the volcano and 1.2mm nozzles.

Other Thread

We may need to do some testing..... with geared motors and dual sided and geared hobs, the testing could get expensive.....
Re: e3d volcano extruder
November 02, 2015 02:17PM
I had looked through that thread at some point but it seams everything is opinions and not any real kind of stats to go off of.
Someone pointed me towards the printrbot dual drive and it looks great for the grip to push it through just dont know if it could keep up with the larger 1.2 flow rate.
Re: e3d volcano extruder
November 03, 2015 12:13PM
Also, I contacted PrintrBot support about using their setup for a bowden drive. They said that they figured it would work, but had never tried it. Might be a pain in the butt to machine a place to connect the fitting....

I wish someone would review all of the options scientifically. I would volunteer, but buying all the options would cost about $1000... too much.
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