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Assisted Bed Levelling. Proposal

Posted by Nexus 
Assisted Bed Levelling. Proposal
March 25, 2017 03:05PM
I would like to know how convenient would be to have Marlin firmware assisting on the bed levelling operation.

The idea is to combine the traditional method (piece of paper or feeler gauge) with the levelling sensor, e.g. 3DTouch.

The procedure would be something like:
1) Setup the desired distance between the bed and the nozzle using the traditional method (paper or feeler gauge)
2) Go to the LCD and choose “Bed Levelling Assistant”. The firmware would activate the levelling sensor, move Z up&down and note the Z height on which the sensor gets triggered. (I will refer to this Z height as Zorig)
3) The firmware would move the nozzle to a different corner of the bed
4) The firmware activates the sensor, move Z up&down and note the Z height at which the sensor gets triggered. The comparison between this Z height and the Zorig would indicate the direction (up/down) the bed needs manual adjustment.
5) repeat step #4 until desire precision or “go to next bed corner”
6) Go to next bed corner and repeat from step #4.

The move to next corner could be done automatically (predefined positions) or manually by moving the axis from the LCD menu.

So instead of having Marlin collecting the diverse Z heights distributed along the surface of the bed, Marlin would give the user the possibility of manually adjusting the height of the bed.

The reason for using this “assisted bed levelling” process is because the Automatic Bed Levelling is based on adjusting the height of the Z axis while printing a layer. The method herein described is to keep the Z axis immobile while printing a layer. In other words, it prevents the Z axis from moving up and down while printing a layer; the Z axis moves when changing from one layer to the next only. This method would also give a levelling parametric approach rather than going by the "feeling" when using the paper method.

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