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Extruder Motor Not Working Properly

Posted by Flightless 
Extruder Motor Not Working Properly
October 29, 2013 05:43AM
Hey there,

I've been using my MendelMax 1.5 for a few months now, and as I was finishing my first spool of ABS, I decided to change my extruder body since I had damaged it superficially upon assembly. The extruder body I had printed out was backwards (i.e. a mirror image) and so I needed to change the direction of the extruder motor. In my attempts to do this I now have an extruder motor that rotates a few steps back and forth in each direction as the print runs instead of working normally.

I found the section of the Marlin firmware that I was using that I thought was responsible for changing extruder direction, #define E_ENABLE_ON 0, and changed it to 1. This prevented any of the steppers from working so I changed it back. I now realise that #define INVERT_E0_DIR true would have been the correct way to reverse stepper direction, but now no matter what I do the extruder stepper won't work properly.

I am using NEMA17 steppers, Sanguino 1.3a, Marlin firmware. All of the X,Y,Z steppers work fine, and when I plug the extruder stepper into the port for one of the axes to test it it runs smoothly.

Has anyone had this problem, or does anyone know what might be causing this and have a method I can try to debug or solve this?

Thanks for your time,
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