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Cooling question about Gen7 v1.2 Board

Posted by danx3 
Cooling question about Gen7 v1.2 Board
October 12, 2011 12:40PM
Hi, I have a V1.2 Gen7 board on my mendel prusa except cooling.
In the PIN.H fiveD gcode interpreter file, i see a fan is attach to pin 31:
#define EXTRUDER_0_FAN_PIN           (byte)31
Pin31 I think means "Digital 31" or really pin40 on ATMEGA as i see in dedicated gen7 v1.2 picture:

In the RepRap Host program when active "cooling Fan" of my extruder zero, i see an GCode M106 sent to prusa but no fan at all.
The vent is tested and work fine.
Does anyone know how to active the fan? is a pin.h problem?

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Mendel Prusa with Gen7 v1.2 PCB , Wade's extruder 0.7mm. Custom Heated bed.
"BIG" Mendel Pusa with modified Gen7 V1.3 PCB , Wade's extruder 0.5mm with modified hotend (about 500x600x450mm printable area) <--- under construction
Plastics: Black PLA, Soft PLA, White ABS
Software: Skeinforge 4 for STL to GCODE, RepRap Host for print GCODE. Blender for STL designs.
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