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We supply ABS,PLA plastic filaments

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
We supply ABS,PLA plastic filaments
June 26, 2011 09:00AM
We supply ABS,PLA plastic filaments
We are Chinese plastic rod manufacturer, specializing in supply of small plastic articles, in particular, introduction of suitable Reprap, 3D printer, plastic filaments, we have the following specifications:
(1) 3mm and 1.75mm, various colors (existing single color, red, green, yellow, blue, black, white, transparent), matching colors upon request (requires purchase of new colors is greater than the quantity of 20kg), materials includ PLA , ABS, POE,PC,TPU,etc.
(2) manufacturers supplying ,it will go by ship if more than 100kg, below quantity will go by delivey express:
(I) PLA, environmentally friendly biological materials, compostable degradation, a variety of transparent and opaque, grilled corn flavor when processed, the processing temperature of 190 ℃,tolerance is ±0.1mm.
(Ii) ABS, engineering plastics, strength, impact resistance, opaque, resistant high temperature above 100 ℃, widely used in electronic products, the processing temperature of 260 ℃, the taste is not very good,tolerance is ±0.05-0.1mm.

Pic1, packaging in 5LB, and we can packaging in 1LB,1kg,5kg as customers require.

Pic2,our customers feed back with our PLA filaments

please send me price list of the abs and pla plastic in 1.75 mm
best regard
waiman haim
Please send me your best price for ABSRegards,
I would like to buy 300kgs of PLA for my factory. Kindly provide your quote.
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