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New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??

Posted by Bobyni 
Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
March 17, 2017 12:10AM
On Aliexpres Usure tech selling new version of Robin board with integrated wifi module for 48sd ,On photos are visible 2 version of board V2,1 and V2,2 with different positioned wifi module New versions do not suppoting dual extrusion,,MKS sell this version in Taobao official store for 36usd and shipping expense .For that price you get new circus in town with red ,green and blue connectors,,I belive that is only change from previous version,,

Highly recommended to avoid buying Robin board

Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
March 23, 2017 07:59PM
..Just had a quick idea. Since the board is STM32 based, didn't the guys from ST port marlin to their processors line?
In theory and from far away, my guess would be that it would simply be some pin configuration and marlin would run on this board.
I could be totally off but just in case nobody thought of this case...
Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
March 24, 2017 06:40AM
Maybe I'll hack Robin too, later. It looks interesting to me...

I really hope this happens... by you or someone else... as long as it could load one of the popular OS FW, that has more adjustment options.
whoever does it gets 10$ from me smiling smiley.... (if there are more people interested, someone could made nice bonus for pulling it off)

it would be ironic, if this board becomes one of the more popular with hacked FW smiling smiley

quick respond on e-mail is talking over 1 month to reply,
with no github updateds for over a month... smiling smiley
even with different USB cables, poor communication reliability.

so, i take same stand as few before me... avoid this board kit.
as someone once said... its better to be in a bad mood once (at time of purchase), than every time you tried to use it, even if it costed less.
if i have spent 150$ instead of 50, i might be printing already... it was calculated risk at purchase and i got burned.
unless MKS pulls something out of their ........ and makes this usable product.

and regarding set-up... why would you need to remove SD card to update configuration?!?! if you are connected over USB. Access to SD over USB should be mandatory, if SD files need to be corrected for setup.
this is nightmare for my setup, where there is no easy access to SD... (optional external SD, can/should be fitted so its accessible, but that is not my point).

as i mentioned in my e-mail to "king" smiling smiley this in not intended for end consumer, but for machine builders that have re-sorceress for finishing FW themselves.
wish i knew that before, but we learn by our mistakes winking smiley
Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
April 16, 2017 03:25AM
I've put the board in geeetech g2s (setup that doesn't need offsets), and first prints obviously show that motion speeds can't compare to 8bit smiling smiley

but there's still obvious things... like max duty cycle of heater, main info screen on the panel...

it's been 2 more than 2 months since last FW update... not a sign of active dev.
open | download - P_20170416_114805_HDR.jpg (588.2 KB)
open | download - _IMG_000000_000000.jpg (178.6 KB)
Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
July 22, 2017 03:34AM
bit of update, since no-one else mentioned anything..
for all that still have this board on the desk winking smiley

there was FW update ~1 month ago, i presume it was done in line with new board rev. witch has WIFI built-in.
some things got added, but they broke other things...

PID now has duty cycle limits, allowing wider verity of heaters...
bit more acc options, but still no jerk
wifi menu now present, even on board without wifi module
presumably dual extruders are now working, but i haven't tested it.

broken temp control?
after starting SD print (off main SD, not add-on), you cant change temp settings anymore...
even stopping print, results in leaving heaters on, restart is needed.
bug is repeatable, so you cant use ABS gcode for PLA anymore...

not tested with custom icons but previous FW worked fine with ones intended for TFT28/32

does anyone know for custom LCD menu, instead of just icons?
Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
August 05, 2017 12:43AM
I just contact MKS on aliexpress,,respond was very slow and mis King answer very root " Can you understood now" treat me like retarded person ,it seem i robin board is not possible to configure because i am idiot and my luck of knowledge is reason for faulty board

Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
August 29, 2017 09:41AM
Read most of the thread. Very sad. I was thinking of the MKS Robin as its the only 32bit board I can find that will use step sticks.

Frankly I love the MKS Gen 1.4 but I am trying to get into a faster 32 bit ARM system to make proper use of the TMC2100 step driver....

I just cant find a board that I like these days.......

I want to use TMC21xx step drivers, ARM 32 bit CPU, touch screen like the tft32....
I am familiar with Marlin FW but willing to change.....

I so wish there was something that was physically laid out like the MKS Gen but had an ARM cpu

anyone know of something I am missing out there?
Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
August 29, 2017 02:29PM
Why not a Duet WiFi or Duet Ethernet? They have built-in TMC2660 stepper drivers, with the same microstepping up to x256 that the TMC2100 has, but more than double the rated current, software-controlled current, software-controlled microstepping, over-temperature warning etc. And you get an ARM Cortex M4 processor with built-in hardware floating point unit, and the awesome Duet Web Control web interface.

Delta printer calibration calculator, mini IR Z probe, and colour touch screen control panel: [escher3d.com]

Large delta printer, and other 3D printer blog postings: [miscsolutions.wordpress.com]

Disclosure: I have a financial interest in sales of the Panel Due, Mini IR height sensor, and Duet WiFi/Duet Ethernet [www.duet3d.com].
Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
September 08, 2017 01:48PM
don't get me wrong.... the board works.
may be not for the advance gurus that wants to modify and enhance the functionalities or adding ton of staffs...it is CLOSED source. and most likely using the Repetier FW.
If only someone could explore the pinout, then it would be a game changer for this board.

single extruder and hot bed and basic XYZ Cartesian printers should benefit from it.

but it is for sure there is some learning curves, and time will needed to be spent.

if you want a 32 bits board that you can get tons of support, you need to go to DC42's Duet or the Original Smoothieware.

Then if you stay with 8 bit, the market is wild and you could have support from everywhere...
my cent.
Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
October 05, 2017 10:33PM
Here is the almost complete reverse engineered pin map if anyone is interested:

Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
October 21, 2017 08:46PM
Hello Compi

Here is the almost complete reverse engineered pin map if anyone is interested:


This is VERY interesting!!!

Have you tried purring this into Repetier FW?
Cause, if you did, what was the outcome?
It would be then be possible using the pin out and use Marlin as well!

Hope to hear from you what you have accomplished so far, and kudo for your reverse engenearing !! I believe it is a pain a slow process...
Re: New 32 bits ARM MKS Robin with TFT??
February 07, 2018 03:55AM
Before I went digging I asked them and found it is closed source and this is the response I received - "King Zhong: No, it uses closed-source firmware developed by our team. The way to flash the firmware is like MKS SBase, using sd card". Why the different version of SBASE and ROBIN?

I await Skynet and my last vision will be of a RepRap self replicating the robots that is destroying the human race.
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