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Stepper motor jumping back steps

Posted by DJJonosound 
Stepper motor jumping back steps
June 01, 2012 11:18PM
Hi there,

Recently I bought a piece of lighting equipment from a company in America. I have had problems with one of the units I bought that seem to be a bit of a one off, and I have sent the unit off for another problem previously, which they fixed, but it would be a pain to send it back to them again, (I'm in Australia) so I would rather not. So, here is the problem.
One of the stepper motors that controls the tilt of a mirror is slowly moving to the next step (it has some sort of micro step function) but as soon as it reaches the point, it springs right back to the step it started at, thus making the pattern it emits jerky. I have reset the unit multiple times, without success.
This is what it looks like:

(Step 1) (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (Almost at step 2) (Spring back to step 1) (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (->winking smiley (->winking smiley etc...etc...

Would this be a problem with the drivers in the unit, or the motor itself? How could I possibly fix it?
I can also upload a video of the problem if you would like.


Re: Stepper motor jumping back steps
June 03, 2012 02:03PM
Is it possible your "unit" turns off stepper motor power after almost reaching step 2? Microstepping only works with motors and stepper drivers powered up all the time. Without power, stepper motors snap to one of their natural positions.

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