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Gen6 power supply. ATX alternative?

Posted by Kikinaak 
Gen6 power supply. ATX alternative?
April 09, 2012 02:50AM
I'm trying to power my gen6 board. Everyone seems to be going with ATX power supplies, and the gen6 wiki page implies that it will "just work". To say it gets complicated from there is an understatement.

There is a barrel jack on this board. Is there a wall wart or laptop supply that is known to just drop in and work for the gen6? I would prefer to spend a little extra for something than risk frying my board on some power supply I hacked into with half a clue.
Re: Gen6 power supply. ATX alternative?
April 11, 2012 01:16AM
Does your Gen6 support a heated bed? If so, you need a wall wart which can supply at least 20 Amps at 12V, which is around 240 Watts. If it doesn't have a heated bed, power requirements are a lot lower, around 5 Amps at 12V, which is 60W, which most wall warts can supply. I had a Gen6 from Mendel-parts which had 2 terminals to wire in power, I used a 12V 30A power supply used for LED lighting, sourced cheaply from ebay. Still using it, now with RAMPS, and it has plenty in reserve to power the heated bed. Using an ATX PSU is not ideal, as you need to put a ballast resistor on the 5V power line to keep it enabled, and very often it is not clear how much current each rail of the PSU can supply (the 12V rails are often a bit weak), which is important when attaching a heated bed.
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