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Crimp terminals

Posted by marnargulus 
Crimp terminals
October 17, 2011 12:26PM
Does anyone have a recommendation for crimp terminals? I have a reel of the strip Molex style, where you need to bend and cut tabs off the sides to get it to fit into the plastic housing. I hate them. Rarely will the terminal slide into the housing and stay, often the spring mechanism will snap off.

Is there a better style crimp terminal out there, or should I order a couple sets of pigtail styles (where they are already terminated, and you solder the wire ends together). I'm a little hesitent on getting pigtails, as they are over a dollar a piece, and I may go through 30 in a few weeks easy.
Re: Crimp terminals
October 17, 2011 05:54PM
I don't know if it's what you have, but I use "dupont"-style crimps which fits very snugly on standard headers. You do need a proper crimping tool for them though, and it can only take small cables. Ebay: [www.ebay.com]

For higher current application I use "deans". You have to solder those though, and they are terribly difficult to take apart so I use them mostly for semi-permanent stuff.

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Re: Crimp terminals
October 18, 2011 05:35AM
I simply cut off the crimping latches and solder the wire in. Works beautifully.

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Re: Crimp terminals
October 18, 2011 09:24PM
I used this one. Works great on the dupont style terminals:

Re: Crimp terminals
November 09, 2011 09:27AM
I can't tell if AnnaWatson is real or a bot. I'm guessing bot.
Re: Crimp terminals
November 10, 2011 01:46AM
I can't tell if AnnaWatson is real or a bot. I'm guessing bot.
And now I can't stop singing Boten Anna in my head eye rolling smiley

If anyone from the UK or EU is having trouble getting hold of the dupont style connectors pololu do a very similar version which hobbytronics.co.uk sell.
After reading this topic I order a few different housing and a set of the crimps which arrived next day, much better then ordering from the US or Asia.

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Re: Crimp terminals
November 10, 2011 04:41AM
... i've checked the (2) posts of "annawatson" - most obviously a bot, so deleted the posts and the user eye rolling smiley

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