Prusa finished!
May 05, 2012 07:22PM
Thanks for your help!

Watch in action here. Sorry that it looks like it was filmed with a potato.

SDRAMPS from Auzze on the forum
Hotend from Scwerta on the forum
PLA Blue frame (Prusa2, greg's accessible extruder) from davejones on the forum - ace seller, magnificent quality prints.
all screws/fasterers/etc + extruder hardware from gcolbourn on ebay
pololu Heatsinks, ramps, A4988 pololu from tijnekind on ebay
A4988 pololu from **** on ebay
Heatshrink from happy-electronic on ebay
header cable from corolaex on ebay
LM8UU from coolcheapworld on ebay
Solid core wire from guana99 on ebay
header crimp stuff from kikiwave on ebay
microswitch from kennethstore88 on ebay
heater pack (thermistors, crimps, spare resistor) from alex-par64 on ebay
Arduino 2650 from scy0820 on ebay
kapton tape from goldpart on eBay
heated bed from snipermand on ebay
stepper motor from wantaimotor on ebay
callipers from xiaohua-fly on ebay
608 bearings, LM8UU, steel rods, smooth and threaded from []
GT2 belts and pulleys []
cable ties: mitre 10

If you think I have missed something, or want help trying to find a particular part, just ask.

I tried the pla sample pack from []
I have only used the yellow so far, and it appears to be 2.9mm not 3mm. Melts at 165 - very low. sad smiley

I also just did a 5000 word research assignment on PLA production for uni, so if you have any questions about the stuff, or how it is made, just ask! smiling smiley

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