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Seattle Makerbot/Mendel Users Group - SMUGr

Posted by wulfdesign 
Seattle Makerbot/Mendel Users Group - SMUGr
January 31, 2011 10:53PM
if you are looking for local RepRap / Rep(S)Rap users and support goto...

SMUG(r) - Seattle Makerbot/Mendel Users Group (RepRap)


Larry James
Wulf Design
Re: Seattle Makerbot/Mendel Users Group - SMUGr
January 31, 2011 11:09PM
We had our first "Official" get together the other night at the Jigsaw Renaissance Maker Space.
there must have been about 20-25 people there with 4 operational Makerbots and a one Prusa Mendel.

We should be having "Official" meetups every few months,
so feel free to drop by for the next one which will probably be late April.

if there is anyone looking for Prusa Mendel parts local to Seattle I suggest contacting someone in our group for the parts.
that way you can support your local community (which most likely will be supporting you as well).

Larry James
Wulf Design
my brother and i are going into a repstrap and need all the gears and bits and bobs for it. we just learned about it last night and are quite adimate that we are going to build one and start punching them out for all our friends we are willing to go to seattle but its quite a drive from Tenino. Please contact me asap and hit me with any primers you all got, id love to learn as much as possible as soon as possible.
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