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gCode for second extruder

Posted by DaveOB 
gCode for second extruder
March 19, 2017 07:49AM
I am adding a second extruder to my i3 variant ( Marlin on Mega and Ramps )

Before I wire in the extruder thermo, stepper and heater, I am wanting to test movement.

If I run the following gCode, the last line, which I would expect to move the second extruder nozzle ( T1 ) to X90 Y90 does not, but instead still moves T0 to that position.

Why ?

M107                                ; fan off
G21                                 ; set units to millimeters
G90                                 ; use absolute coordinates
M92 X160 Y160 Z4000 E80             ; set steps per mm for standard belt config
M204 S2000 P2000 T3000 R3000        ; set default accelerations
M201 X2000 Y2000 Z100 E2000         ; set max acceleration for X and Y
M205 X20 E25                        ; set max jerk
M203 Z2                             ; -- Set maximum feedrate

M218 T0 X0 Y0
M218 T1 X67 Y10

G28 XY                             ; -- home X and Y
M203 Z1.2                          ; -- Set maximum feedrate for Z axis
G28 Z                              ; -- home Z slowly
M203 Z3.3                          ; -- Set maximum feedrate for Z axis

G0 Z5                              ; lift the Z axis 5mm

G0 Y125.000 F4000                  ; reposition Y to bed centre
G0 X125.000 F4000                  ; reposition X to bed centre

G4 S2                              ; wait 2 seconds

T0                                 ; specify tool 0 - nozzle 1
G0 Y110 X110 F4000
G4 S5                              ; wait 5 seconds
G0 Y100 X100 F4000
G4 S5                              ; wait 5 seconds
T1                                 ; specify tool 1 - nozzle 2
G0 Y90 X90 F4000
Re: gCode for second extruder
March 19, 2017 02:20PM

nothing wrong with the gCode, but needed to make changes to the config for Marlin.

I had assumed that I only needed to change :

but also had to modify :
#define EXTRUDERS 2
#define TEMP_SENSOR_1 1
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