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Filament Innovations - Diamond LINE - PLA - Free Sample - USA Made

Filament Innovations - Diamond LINE - PLA - Free Sample - USA Made
March 14, 2017 11:15AM
Hello Fellow RepRap Gurus :-),

We have just launched our, Made in USA, Diamond LINE 3D Printer Filament - PLA (1.75mm) over at www.filamentinnovations.com, Amazon, and eBay. We are using Ingeo PLA from NatureWorks as our extrusion material and the results have been phenomenal - all our PLA is 100% Ingeo. There are no added fillers or binders to any of our filament - what we advertise is exactly what you get!

We are a 100% open-source company, plus we are family owned and operated. I personally got my start in the RepRap community about four years ago and have never looked back since!

We are doing free samples of our 1.75mm Transparent Blue Diamond LINE PLA for anyone interested over at our website, plus we are doing free shipping on it too. There are no gimmicks, catches, or anything like that, we are just working to spread the word on our great filament and want to get it out to the open-source community. If you would like a free sample then head over to our website, go to the PLA section, and you will see it listed there at the bottom.

We will also be launching our USA Made Diamond LINE ABS and Carbon Fiber soon too :-).

Thanks everyone! Happy printing!

Michael Gorski - MBA, PhD
Founder of Filament Innovations, LLC
We got a few free sample orders! Thank you everyone!
Re: Filament Innovations - Diamond LINE - PLA - Free Sample - USA Made
March 14, 2017 05:08PM
"We don't offer shipping to New Zealand."

I guess they only supply to the USA. sad smiley
Re: Filament Innovations - Diamond LINE - PLA - Free Sample - USA Made
March 14, 2017 06:30PM
No worries it would be a real ball ache to try out a few meters of filament anyway.
Made in USA for Americans!

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Hey Frank!

We would be more than happy to ship internationally! We just do not have our international rates built into our website just yet, but it will be done this week. I will send you a private message as soon as we get that automated on the site. Sorry about that!
Everyone who got a free sample from us will have it sent out today via USPS First Class shipping. Thanks everyone!

We do have more free samples too, and this is free shipping as well. The Ingeo PLA from NatureWorks, we think, is the best PLA on the market - give it a shot by trying a sample.

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Thanks for the support everyone! We have now integrated USPS and FedEx rates for International orders. We are charging exactly what the carriers charge.

Thanks for supporting the open-source community!

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