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my first printer / MendelMax 1.5 or Prusa i3

Posted by Hobbit85 
my first printer / MendelMax 1.5 or Prusa i3
January 14, 2014 06:50AM
Hi everyone,

while thinking about buying a DIY 3D printer kit I searched the internet and read quite a lot about it on different blogs and forums. But still I can't figure out a couple of deciding factors on which printer kit I should buy.
I'd like to use it manly as a hobby, printing some cool gadgeds I've in mind and maybe sometimes printing some architecture models for the office... I' won't need a mobile printer, it will stay at the place where I'll build it. The whole concept of building something and then being able to use and improve it, build stuff with it etc. fascinates me! That's why I don't want to buy a ready made printer (plug'n'play). I'm actually looking forward to the whole maker-process...
First I thought I'll go with the MendelMax 1.5 from blomker industries which seems very nice and the support, where I already asked a few questions, is really freindly and helpfull. After all, many peolpe prefer the Prusa i3 over the MM 1.5 and especially suggest it for beginners as I am. I can clearly see the difference in geometry of the two printers, but over all they seem to me mostly identical... Same printing volume, same possibilities, same precision (depending on model and assembly of course) etc.

Is it only a personal taste if one goes for the MM 1.5 or the Prusa i3 or do you see real differences which can/should be deciding factors on the choice?
If not the mentionned MM 1.5 I also like the Prusa i3 from makerfarm. It seems to be a really good kit of the Prusa i3 model.

I'd really appreciate some feedback on the differences of these two models - if there are any apart from personal preferences/taste...
And I'm really looking forward to getting one soon, start messing around with it and participate in the whole community. smiling smiley
Thx in advance for your help!
Re: my first printer / MendelMax 1.5 or Prusa i3
March 20, 2014 07:37PM
I would definitly suggest the i3 over the mendelmax simply because of how simple it is. I've made both and the mendelmax is a pain in the rump for no more reward than the i3, in fact the i3 generally has better prints than the mendelmax. Also if you need to make repairs (and you will) the i3 comes apart in nice sections whereas you have to disassemble almost the entire mendelmax to reach any one part. Lastly stay away from woodcut frames, the warping over time is h-e double toothpicks on your prints.

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