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Help with Marlin Configuration

Posted by phyllis_ave 
Help with Marlin Configuration
December 22, 2013 03:33PM
Hi All,

I've just finished building my Prusa i3 and it's time to get the software/firmware running. I found plenty of guides to help me build the printer but it seems hard to find help on how to setup the firmware. I have the Arduino IDE program and have downloaded Marlin from github but I don't know what I need to change in the code to make it work with my printer.

Could someone please point me in the direction of a guide for setting up Marlin or help walk me through it.

My printer is a Prusa i3 - bought a kit from NorCalRepRap
I plan on controlling it with a Raspberry Pi running Octoprint
X and Y axes driven by GT2 belt
Z axis driven by M5 leadscrews
3mm ABS filament
Ramps 1.4
Kysan 1124090 steppers
Sunpower industrial power supply - FDPS-350A
Not sure what model the thermistors are but they both measure around 75-76k at room temp (30C today)

Is there any other info I need to setup?

Thanks in advance,
Re: Help with Marlin Configuration
December 22, 2013 03:55PM
Airtripper has a tutorial to get you started with basic Marlin config. [airtripper.com]

I'd hold off on the RPi and Octoprint as you need to fully understand how the printer works with the firmware prior to adding another control layer. You should configure and commission your printer using host software then once you get a working config, start on the Octoprint part. You are a fair amount away starting new being able to use Octoprint if you are unfamiliar with how to configure Marlin.

Once you get the basics it's pretty easy. Hit the Airtripper link, do some more searching to see what else you get and if you get stuck report back and someone will help you out.

Here's another place to start....


And yet another...

Re: Help with Marlin Configuration
December 22, 2013 06:49PM
Thanks for the link - that's exactly what I was after.

So I've confingured and uploaded marlin correctly (I think) but the motors aren't working properly. When I test them by sending Gcode they just hum and don't turn. I thought this might be the pots not being set right but no matter where I turn them the motors don't respond. If I have it on the minimum the motor makes a very quiet squeal and when I turn it up the motor starts 'clicking' but doesn't turn.

Any ideas what the problem is here?

I tried taking the belt off the pulley so there's no load on the motor but that didn't make a difference.
Re: Help with Marlin Configuration
December 22, 2013 07:19PM
you probably miswired the motors, or a wire is disconnected.
Re: Help with Marlin Configuration
December 22, 2013 11:48PM
Have you installed the jumpers beneath the stepper drivers? You will need to install between 1 and 3 for each driver depending on the degree of stepping your motors need.
open | download - Screenshot_2013-12-23-07-41-51-1.png (57.2 KB)
Re: Help with Marlin Configuration
December 23, 2013 01:23AM
The RAMPS board came prebuilt - all the jumpers I can see are connected (1/16th step)
The motor wires are connected in this order: red, green, yellow, blue - with red closest to the power terminals

As far as I can tell the board is wired properly - see photo attached. Does this look correct? I can take some more pics if that's not clear.
open | download - photo.JPG (144.6 KB)
Re: Help with Marlin Configuration
December 23, 2013 02:26AM
post your configuration.h file. we can tell you if it is firmware or hardware related quite quickly.
Re: Help with Marlin Configuration
December 23, 2013 03:23AM
Here's my configuration.h file.
open | download - Configuration.h (27.4 KB)
Re: Help with Marlin Configuration
December 23, 2013 11:36AM
The mechanical part of the config looks fine, it's set the same as my RAMPS configs. While the Kysam motors I have used follow the color code but meter them just to make sure. What you report in my experience sounds like a wiring issue though it could be electronics. What you look for in metering is continuity between each wire in a pair. Stepper wiring Wiki entry.... [reprap.org]
Re: Help with Marlin Configuration
December 23, 2013 06:29PM
So I found the problem - the pots were just set too high. I had been starting a move then adjusting the pot on the fly to try and find the best power level.

This doesn't work, I needed to stop the motor, then adjust the pot, then issue a new command. A newbie mistake but that's what I am when it comes to 3D printing.

All is working now. I'll be trying my first test print tomorrow!

Thanks for all the help guys!
- Phil
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