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Let's design something! (I've got an idea ...)

Robots, children's blocks, wooden clocks, its all good! Here's my idea and here's the [[page]] on RepRap's wiki where we can log in and click "edit". 
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mechanical design help needed!!!!

by ekaggrat
1,174 9 02/07/2014 09:27AM
Last Post by piercet

More than extruding filament: PRINTING FILAMENT !

by corngolem
1,406 3 02/06/2014 02:19AM
Last Post by DeuxVis

Proportional feedback

by boris_blackmilk
658 1 02/04/2014 09:52PM
Last Post by boris_blackmilk

Mobius Solids in OpenScad

by Buback
2,778 8 01/24/2014 04:20PM
Last Post by imott


by vidiot5533
640 3 01/18/2014 04:59PM
Last Post by MattMoses

Longer LEGO steering gear Attachments

by cezar.suteu
1,596 3 01/08/2014 12:58PM
Last Post by Jasper1984

Cyanoacrylate/Sodium Bicarbonate 3D Printer

by mossdalemakerspace
3,291 7 01/07/2014 08:16AM
Last Post by roeland22896

mason jar vacuum sealer

by dpeart
775 1 01/05/2014 05:28AM
Last Post by dpeart


by ErikDeBruijn
3,521 7 01/04/2014 12:37PM
Last Post by NormandC

Repositioning Endstops (Reprap Air/Prusa's)

by Ohmarinus
1,561 7 01/03/2014 06:48PM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Could holes be made in the sides of the nozzle Attachments

by Jasper1984
1,899 20 12/23/2013 07:24PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

direct extrusion of PLA granulate

by wurstipursti
1,538 9 12/23/2013 07:24PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

3d Print a water cooling system for a hotend

by tom10122
2,047 7 12/23/2013 07:24PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Ride on rechargeable arduino controlled truck (RORACT)

by papergeek
1,006 4 12/23/2013 07:23PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Look at the artworks that I made by tricolor 3d printerhot smiley

by sarazhang
2,142 9 12/20/2013 04:33AM
Last Post by myohmy11

Mass Employment - Restore America

by spurtee
717 2 11/26/2013 11:26AM
Last Post by Jasper1984

Crane for DSLR

by beamsaber
687 1 11/22/2013 10:26AM
Last Post by beamsaber

Recycling PLA and ABS

by HerAnt
998 4 10/28/2013 05:24AM
Last Post by ddseeker

Free printing from me Attachments

by thomas201989
1,239 2 09/19/2013 02:23PM
Last Post by tleneel

Nintendo Virtual Boy leg block

by Acro2Pilot
910 1 07/06/2013 08:44PM
Last Post by Acro2Pilot

mazes Attachments

by jdean284
750 1 07/04/2013 11:30AM
Last Post by jdean284

Simple STL-files for testing dimensions Attachments

by VDX
13,952 4 06/22/2013 12:09PM
Last Post by VDX

pulley style z axis?

by adilmalik
996 2 06/20/2013 06:37AM
Last Post by Jasper1984

Level Base Printer Surface Attachments

by MD2013
855 2 06/20/2013 05:50AM
Last Post by Jasper1984

smarter quieter steppers and drivers

by jzatopa
1,063 7 06/15/2013 12:25PM
Last Post by chris33

3d printed ultralight airship

by msummers
4,202 10 06/08/2013 07:49AM
Last Post by Mickman

Printed gears, pulleys, rails, and other mechanical part

by Xanderjanz
989 2 06/02/2013 10:50PM
Last Post by VDX

perpetual magnet electric generator

by chris33
1,788 5 06/02/2013 10:45PM
Last Post by VDX

Playful Parenting Chalenge 2013: Water WALL

by dysgenio
826 2 05/18/2013 05:35AM
Last Post by Jasper1984

Filament Winding Machine Attachments

by mindfab
1,670 2 04/02/2013 10:27AM
Last Post by Jasper1984