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Plastic Extruder Working Group

Plastic Extruders, mostly - > http://objects.reprap.org/wiki/Extruder  
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Help me to find UV resin please Attachments

by tiay
1,334 3 10/23/2014 01:15AM
Last Post by tiay

Help with choosing power resistor for Jhead

by Ron1980
1,255 5 10/18/2014 07:38AM
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by Wissing
968 8 09/28/2014 08:27PM
Last Post by metzindustries

E3D Extruder.

by karagad
1,458 8 09/27/2014 09:47AM
Last Post by greenman100

Proper FAN cooling extruder, PLA, or both, warping.. ?

by Andke
10,451 17 09/14/2014 12:27PM
Last Post by MrDoctorDIV

Granulating filament?

by gmh39
1,064 8 09/06/2014 04:30AM
Last Post by A2

X3uder - OS 12VDC, RepRap controlled pellets to filament extruder

by mirox3m
1,207 3 09/05/2014 10:35AM
Last Post by diegotrap

Extruder motor torque calculation

by machine3
1,817 6 09/05/2014 10:25AM
Last Post by diegotrap

PTFE bowden tube

by dissidence
832 2 09/04/2014 05:04AM
Last Post by AbuMaia

Force estimate - MK7 / Nema17 / 24V / Bowden / 0.4mm nozzle

by goaran
979 1 08/29/2014 11:53AM
Last Post by goaran

DIY filament extruder, half working, many questions smiling smiley Attachments

by KarlB
1,856 7 08/25/2014 05:34PM
Last Post by KarlB

Which ABS pellets for filament extruder?

by Gyvven
4,880 12 08/19/2014 06:54AM
Last Post by rickonvb

Using 3.0mm jhead MKV with 1.75 mm filament

by loskiorama
1,550 6 08/13/2014 01:36PM
Last Post by oysteinkrog

Cheap PLA pellet suppliers

by fxxxx
1,176 3 08/09/2014 02:39AM
Last Post by fxxxx

Integrating Filament Extruder With FDM Printer?

by sanman
726 2 07/14/2014 03:33AM
Last Post by Traumflug
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Silicone/Siloxane Masterbatches Attachments

by Vicky Cai
    This topic has been moved.

Low cost 3D printing filament extruder for recycled plastics Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by Xabbax
46,786 54 07/09/2014 11:11AM
Last Post by 1337ss

Grind / Shred Bad Prints for Filament Extruder

by rcullan
1,022 5 07/05/2014 04:24AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Torx drill bit as a hobbed bolt alternative?

by ibpsrs
1,125 10 06/30/2014 08:20AM
Last Post by ibpsrs

is this an alternative ?

by elmek6
605 1 06/27/2014 05:32PM
Last Post by elmek6


by cnc dick
699 2 06/05/2014 03:58AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Paper on a granule/powder based extruder head

by Have Blue
740 3 05/18/2014 11:56AM
Last Post by chris33

PG35L stops mid print

by Flyer2
528 3 05/18/2014 11:48AM
Last Post by chris33

I am a new one for the 3D printer. I am looking for the conductive material, and the material could use 3mm Extruder, do you have some suggestion? Could you help me?

by yyiiwei
765 6 05/05/2014 07:11AM
Last Post by ecoreprap

DIY MK7/MK8 gear

by Sazabi
853 1 04/02/2014 12:08AM
Last Post by Sazabi

Filament extruder

by gautham
662 2 03/31/2014 08:44PM
Last Post by A2

Completely eliminate ooze.

by loughkb
1,559 5 03/31/2014 06:50AM
Last Post by xztraz

method of cooling extruded filament Attachments

by wianwian
1,595 4 03/10/2014 06:00PM
Last Post by Svdharma

Glass nozzle

by cozmicray
1,709 11 02/28/2014 01:59PM
Last Post by Buback

Hollow or Threaded Shaft Stepper Motors

by Wissing
691 3 02/26/2014 12:53PM
Last Post by A2