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Firmware - Marlin

Everything about Marlin firmware : Discussions, questions, support and feature requests... 
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Can’t use LCD dial or control printer?

by leonnisae
118 4 02/03/2018 05:53AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Reset at RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller

by luwi66
121 2 02/03/2018 05:40AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Z-Offset being ignored. Marlin V1, Tronxy P802MA, Melzi.

by Billythakid
119 3 02/03/2018 03:48AM
Last Post by Billythakid

V 1.1.8 setting up for a Laser

by kd6hq
137 1 02/01/2018 05:11PM
Last Post by kd6hq

Auto cooling fan on custom pin

by mstitdk
101 5 02/01/2018 05:05PM
Last Post by kd6hq

X axis clatters at the first layers

by ikarisan
92 2 02/01/2018 05:53AM
Last Post by obewan

1.1.8, UBL, CR-10S, and filament sensor

by xeddog
246 1 01/31/2018 05:54PM
Last Post by xeddog

Switches to control manual movement along axes

by kadil
86 1 01/31/2018 12:03PM
Last Post by kadil

Frozen LCD with SD enabled

by oddwick
87 1 01/31/2018 10:15AM
Last Post by oddwick

SD print stop

by kradant
99 2 01/30/2018 06:59AM
Last Post by kradant

left probe bed position Attachments

by isacat
118 1 01/30/2018 06:15AM
Last Post by isacat

Kossel Pro (by renren3d) HELP me with auto leveling Attachments

by Riko.Roma
110 3 01/30/2018 06:08AM
Last Post by Riko.Roma

Marlin introduces backlash and skipped steps? Attachments

by lukie80
556 6 01/30/2018 04:43AM
Last Post by lukie80

Linear advance issues

by povlhp
185 2 01/29/2018 12:19PM
Last Post by povlhp

Heatbed output 0Volts

by holala02
78 3 01/28/2018 07:54PM
Last Post by Dust

SD Card Menu on CR-10S

238 5 01/28/2018 04:50PM
Last Post by BlankMan

When homing, z bed moves down before going up, crashing into brackets

by ryandgarrison
985 11 01/27/2018 01:12PM
Last Post by atheimer

Print directly after delta calibration without homing?

by Hunk of Cheese
78 1 01/26/2018 07:40PM
Last Post by Hunk of Cheese

unified bed leveling resulting in Z-height issue

by auggie246
229 11 01/23/2018 05:35PM
Last Post by Roxy

Wrong Probe Status

by GaRv3
122 6 01/22/2018 04:32AM
Last Post by GaRv3

Weird temperature issue

by Possum652
219 3 01/21/2018 02:31PM
Last Post by Possum652

Manual mesh levelling with an offset dial gauge

by stagbeetle
109 4 01/19/2018 03:23PM
Last Post by Roxy

Building marlin with newer gcc

by murasame
111 1 01/18/2018 04:50AM
Last Post by murasame

TMC2130 Stallguard endstops not working... Attachments

by Piers
227 2 01/17/2018 11:41PM
Last Post by Dust

bed and nozzle temperatures Attachments

by Dave H
175 2 01/17/2018 02:11PM
Last Post by Possum652

Jennyprinter 3 , which firmware is correct? Attachments

by Micstar
779 10 01/16/2018 03:19PM
Last Post by Micstar

Is 1.1.7 (and 1.1.8) too big for Creality Melzi board??

by Key0nee
412 4 01/15/2018 01:34PM
Last Post by JustSumGuy

G29 extended commands

by jamhot
132 1 01/14/2018 11:51AM
Last Post by jamhot

1.1.8 can not travel past XY 0 Attachments

142 7 01/14/2018 07:21AM
Last Post by GITRDUN

Odd inductive sensor triggering issue - z axis min

by rjcuomo1
140 4 01/13/2018 09:58AM
Last Post by rjcuomo1