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Firmware - Marlin

Everything about Marlin firmware : Discussions, questions, support and feature requests... 
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G29 without zprobe on delta

by marcottt
93 4 05/02/2018 09:04AM
Last Post by Roxy

Robotdyn graphic smart controller, 2 SD slots, huh? Attachments

by JamieTime
87 1 05/02/2018 05:44AM
Last Post by JamieTime

Unexpected resets and movement along Z (no UBL) Attachments

by lmcbmai
132 3 05/01/2018 03:24PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Einsy RAMBO and power loss / crash recovery

by paulr
160 1 05/01/2018 12:18PM
Last Post by paulr

Tmc2130 very loud on fast movements

by Kyzuuh
129 1 04/30/2018 05:11PM
Last Post by Kyzuuh

Endstops working but doesn't stop the carriage/ can't set home position Attachments

by AmonTheGod
117 4 04/30/2018 10:56AM
Last Post by Dust

BLTouch on Creality CR10S

by skivvy
144 3 04/29/2018 08:48PM
Last Post by skivvy

Delta/Kossel homes in wrong direction Attachments

by Gunnir
165 2 04/28/2018 01:38PM
Last Post by Gunnir

ABL testing outside of bed boundary Attachments

by Scoundrel666
123 9 04/27/2018 01:46PM
Last Post by Scoundrel666

Einsy + BLTouch? compilation issues..

by pikelo
123 1 04/27/2018 08:36AM
Last Post by pikelo

Teensy 3.5/3.6 pin assignment status

by daPhoosa
95 3 04/26/2018 06:48AM
Last Post by daPhoosa

Print stop problem

by Edward007
112 1 04/24/2018 12:05PM
Last Post by Edward007

Cant compile V2.0

by iamturbo1978
149 3 04/24/2018 06:49AM
Last Post by iamturbo1978

Marlin compilation

by Sacramento
136 2 04/24/2018 04:45AM
Last Post by Dust

Homing issue CoreXY marlin 1.1.8

by Mendel90
174 6 04/23/2018 09:17AM
Last Post by Mendel90

Motor noise at sartup

by Wyman
103 1 04/23/2018 07:35AM
Last Post by Wyman

Marlin 2.0 Re-Arm Network & Bluetooth

by oldtimmer
379 8 04/22/2018 07:57PM
Last Post by oldtimmer

About heating failed system stopped heater_id 0

by cthsieh
128 7 04/22/2018 07:40PM
Last Post by Dust

Thermistor incorrect after board replacement Attachments

by JohnnyTheOne
154 1 04/22/2018 01:54AM
Last Post by JohnnyTheOne

Marlin for hotwire cutter

by gosth87
251 4 04/21/2018 02:29PM
Last Post by Dandoz

z axis bottom

by Jamesonmod
124 1 04/20/2018 02:00PM
Last Post by Jamesonmod

Simple marlin question: How to activate the menu?

by Dysplaced
165 4 04/19/2018 07:55AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

I need help to set up Marlin correctly

by Ricky88
132 2 04/19/2018 07:35AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

G12: Clean Tool need some help.

by alvess
116 1 04/18/2018 12:32AM
Last Post by alvess

z does not go to the old position during start stop.

by ibrahimsener
115 3 04/17/2018 12:17AM
Last Post by ibrahimsener

Marlin TMC262 support

by chrisg9
107 1 04/16/2018 09:16PM
Last Post by chrisg9

Unable to get TMC2130 sensorless homing working

by wamonite
199 5 04/16/2018 05:59PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Getting hotend temperature above 260

by stib
121 5 04/15/2018 07:11AM
Last Post by stib

UBL and Z-Offset: Manual probing of points where probe can't reach

by LichtiMC
195 11 04/14/2018 04:02PM
Last Post by MMcLure

Rumba atmega2560 w/Merlin firmware

by bricelee
140 7 04/13/2018 08:23AM
Last Post by bricelee