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Firmware - Marlin

Everything about Marlin firmware : Discussions, questions, support and feature requests... 
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Understanding my flavor of Marlin

by b-morgan
91 2 08/26/2017 03:38PM
Last Post by b-morgan

BLTouch & Delta Issue

by DaveA
107 4 08/26/2017 05:42AM
Last Post by obewan

Marlin and Full Graphics Smart Controller

by Impruve
149 6 08/25/2017 09:39PM
Last Post by Dust

Stuck on STOPPED

by vicwhit
77 1 08/25/2017 06:25PM
Last Post by vicwhit

M280 GCode out of order

by suf
102 3 08/22/2017 09:07PM
Last Post by suf

Using Marlin with a MakerBot Rep2

by Memnarch1113
76 1 08/22/2017 08:51AM
Last Post by Memnarch1113

Sync_plan_position_e() dual extruder bug

by DapDeveloper
70 1 08/21/2017 02:32AM
Last Post by DapDeveloper

Standard fan PWM frequency

by iamturbo1978
97 2 08/20/2017 08:31AM
Last Post by PantherPlayz

Printer will not heat beyond 260C

by someoneonly
95 4 08/20/2017 06:40AM
Last Post by someoneonly

Limit Switches not Working (Pin Config) on 5D Print D8(Makibox)

by PantherPlayz
59 2 08/19/2017 07:37AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Marlin change tool bug

by DapDeveloper
192 4 08/17/2017 07:49AM
Last Post by DapDeveloper

Marlin functions

by DapDeveloper
104 3 08/17/2017 07:46AM
Last Post by DapDeveloper

TMC2130 spreadCycle configuration

by butchja
279 24 08/15/2017 01:49PM
Last Post by butchja

Motors not moving, everything seems OK...

by HugoW
110 8 08/13/2017 11:58PM
Last Post by HugoW

How to configure the Marlin for dual extruders Attachments

by cthsieh
179 3 08/13/2017 07:07PM
Last Post by kgross

Parts cooling fan with cyclops dual extruder

by kgross
85 1 08/13/2017 07:06PM
Last Post by kgross

dual extruder, single nozzle settings - E1 stuck at "E1 heating..." Attachments

by martin1454
131 5 08/10/2017 08:53AM
Last Post by martin1454

Z home offset?

183 6 08/09/2017 12:24PM
Last Post by obewan

Hacked Ender-2 SD card problems Attachments

by ventor3000
301 11 08/09/2017 08:13AM
Last Post by 3DFreezeMe


by mvsmaker
95 1 08/08/2017 05:36AM
Last Post by mvsmaker

Problem With BLTouch Sensor Attachments

by kmxsoft
307 23 08/06/2017 04:57AM
Last Post by kmxsoft

Please help what did i do wrong?

by Dschiri1
107 2 08/04/2017 12:01AM
Last Post by o_lampe

I can not upload marlin to sanguinololu board error avrdude: stk500_getsync()

by Dschiri1
490 3 08/03/2017 05:14PM
Last Post by Dschiri1

BL Touch Double Probe

by RickRap
145 4 08/03/2017 12:19AM
Last Post by RickRap

Unexpected speed drops during print Attachments

by rvator
112 3 08/01/2017 11:03AM
Last Post by rvator

Runout filament detection Attachments

106 5 07/30/2017 03:48AM
Last Post by DOYT

M42 code not Working

by DarkScreama
149 11 07/27/2017 08:04AM
Last Post by Roxy

Extruder steps/mm way off from calculated number

by llamas
104 2 07/26/2017 10:47PM
Last Post by o_lampe

New Menu Item to Load / Unload Filament

by Eddiie
174 4 07/26/2017 09:59AM
Last Post by Roxy

Enable display of thermistor 2 value on single extruder RampsEFB

by Ed would
92 1 07/26/2017 06:38AM
Last Post by Ed would