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Firmware - Marlin

Everything about Marlin firmware : Discussions, questions, support and feature requests... 
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Strange behavior after enabling Auto Bed Leveling

by hoposh2k
157 2 06/02/2016 06:53PM
Last Post by zggtf211@gmail.com

Bed PID autotune not working

by zggtf211@gmail.com
1,460 2 06/02/2016 06:32PM
Last Post by zggtf211@gmail.com

Extruder calibration issues

by Grinsaw
1,503 6 05/31/2016 01:40PM
Last Post by Grinsaw

Use input signal to start or pause a 3D print?

by DemmaC
129 3 05/31/2016 09:44AM
Last Post by DemmaC

Marlin not compiling for printrboard Attachments

by duffle1986
218 8 05/31/2016 08:32AM
Last Post by Roxy

Porting Zonestar/Hesine/Anet panel support from repetier

by Braccoz
259 3 05/28/2016 08:30AM
Last Post by Braccoz

Odd Compilation error - boards.h???

by SJMaybury
1,283 5 05/26/2016 07:04PM
Last Post by george4657

angry smileydavinci aio 1.0 ramp 1.4

by ocgd
109 1 05/26/2016 09:50AM
Last Post by ocgd

Marlin as CNC-Firmware: Z-Probe used to detect work piece height?

by 6brueder
257 3 05/25/2016 11:56PM
Last Post by 6brueder

What should I use for a DLP 3d printer?

by Tridime
78 2 05/25/2016 09:23AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Marlin Team Requests you do a 1 Minute Survey

by Roxy
99 2 05/25/2016 04:37AM
Last Post by Dust

Compilation error Marlin

by pirat777knj
242 8 05/24/2016 07:06AM
Last Post by pirat777knj

Simple way to edit marlin firmware?

by Slackdaddy
1,729 20 05/20/2016 04:20AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Bed levelling in 1.1.0 rc3

by DjDemonD
344 6 05/19/2016 12:44PM
Last Post by alexella

afther installing Automatic Bed Leveling. homing not good

by nonaak
267 9 05/17/2016 11:53AM
Last Post by nonaak

Using DVR 8825 AND A4988 together on ramps 1.4 board

by Sanjaykray
161 3 05/14/2016 08:31PM
Last Post by Sanjaykray

configuring marlin for RAMPS errors

by Slou90
155 1 05/13/2016 04:30AM
Last Post by Slou90

Marlin won't boot unless serial monitor is open

by godefroi
163 4 05/11/2016 07:06AM
Last Post by godefroi

Hacking Marlin to control a heated enclosure

by reeseallen
220 1 05/10/2016 08:13PM
Last Post by reeseallen

1.1.0 RC6: Z home turns off mesh bed leveling

by Scott1326
160 1 05/10/2016 10:48AM
Last Post by Scott1326

Problema, con la configuraciĆ³n de la temperaturasad smiley

by Deme88
84 1 05/09/2016 08:21AM
Last Post by Deme88

Uploading Changes via Arduino IDE.. Permanently stored in EEPROM?

by CharlieK
171 4 05/08/2016 08:07AM
Last Post by stephenrc

Marlin RC Questions

by drmaestro
145 1 05/07/2016 04:39PM
Last Post by drmaestro

CoreXY with only two Axis - homing problem

by Nerventod
110 1 05/07/2016 08:53AM
Last Post by Nerventod

Z safe homing with just "G28 Z"

by prototyper
327 3 05/06/2016 05:42PM
Last Post by prototyper

Help needed for SLS printer

by rada0620
181 7 05/05/2016 11:55PM
Last Post by rada0620

Marlin doesnt print from SD and resets Attachments

by Tinchus
465 7 05/05/2016 10:48AM
Last Post by WZ9V

1.1.0-RC6 No LCD menu? (SOLVED)

by Veesta
207 3 05/05/2016 07:21AM
Last Post by stephenrc

RC3 to Rc4 Autolevel Grid wrong

by DjDemonD
572 7 05/04/2016 08:07PM
Last Post by Thinkyhead

Mesch_bed_leveling not working from LCD "Bed level"

by garaguido
222 4 05/04/2016 08:02PM
Last Post by Thinkyhead