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Prusa i3 and variants

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Zonestar P802Q - steel Prusa i3, quick impressions Attachments

by wombat
5,125 22 02/23/2017 02:39AM
Last Post by Sam S.Tag

Axis Compensation

by minor59er
137 6 02/23/2017 02:19AM
Last Post by minor59er

What is the most direct path to Dual Extruders?

by CutterNorth
139 2 02/23/2017 12:01AM
Last Post by o_lampe

space between the Z axis rods Tronxy P802

by Twmaster
116 1 02/22/2017 03:25PM
Last Post by Twmaster

Opinion/ advice needed. Attachments

by DanBro
111 1 02/22/2017 12:04PM
Last Post by DanBro

Magic Smoke from RAMPS board on prusa i3

by apoff751
143 4 02/22/2017 03:22AM
Last Post by obewan

Zonestar P802QR2 dual head issues

by 366Cobra
433 10 02/22/2017 02:17AM
Last Post by 366Cobra

Prints Failing after first few layers Attachments

by CutterNorth
188 7 02/21/2017 02:48PM
Last Post by CutterNorth

Migbot Prusa i3 Unofficial Support Thread Attachments   (Pages: 1 ... 46 47 48)

by jcabrer
45,295 1,435 02/21/2017 01:42PM
Last Post by veaceonee

p3 steel PROBOT All Steel

by mat90
198 9 02/20/2017 10:35PM
Last Post by mat90

Anet A8 Y axis belt Attachments

by theotherguy
157 2 02/19/2017 07:30PM
Last Post by scottybfg

Original Prusa i3 MK2- Use Glass Plate on Bed !!!

by wattronix
306 2 02/19/2017 12:23AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Printer assembly finished - Now, what software? Attachments

by librarymark
175 3 02/18/2017 02:18AM
Last Post by obewan

Mounting and Leveling Prusa i3 V2 Attachments

by Simba028
153 2 02/17/2017 01:59PM
Last Post by Simba028


by Thecadmando
378 12 02/17/2017 04:58AM
Last Post by Thecadmando

Bed and head temperature read 5 degree high at room temperature

by paulover
87 2 02/16/2017 09:38AM
Last Post by Supermec

Extruder Motor Problem

by Stuah
215 7 02/16/2017 09:26AM
Last Post by Supermec

Help Hictop pursa i3 printer broken after update

by dmkmedia
197 1 02/16/2017 02:18AM
Last Post by dmkmedia

Motors chattering

by jel111
103 4 02/15/2017 12:51PM
Last Post by scottybfg

623h bearing housing of Prusa MK2

by igel
187 3 02/14/2017 07:18PM
Last Post by igel

Viable or Existing XAxis motor mount idea?

114 8 02/14/2017 12:21PM
Last Post by GRAYWOLF

Warning about chinese Melzi Boards (with solutions)

by madias
581 6 02/14/2017 10:07AM
Last Post by inz.krzys

Repetier Firmware for Radds 1.5

by HH88
163 12 02/14/2017 12:34AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Prusa i3 MK2 Non-Printable Source Files?

by martinbogo
152 7 02/13/2017 05:52PM
Last Post by martinbogo

Mk8 dual extruder installation

by Nicken83
101 2 02/13/2017 01:28PM
Last Post by Viper97

Heated Bed is not reading room temp

by CutterNorth
101 3 02/13/2017 09:00AM
Last Post by CutterNorth

Tevo tarantula does not heat up

by kees.kamhoot
116 3 02/13/2017 04:58AM
Last Post by MCcarman

Anet A8 V1.0 board not working.

by Papajohn88
169 2 02/12/2017 11:35PM
Last Post by Supermec

LCD 12864 not working right Attachments

by h4nc
112 4 02/11/2017 03:42PM
Last Post by Supermec

First printer - Anet A8 - Not sure how to get started

by Hypersapien
396 8 02/11/2017 02:05PM
Last Post by GRAYWOLF