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Prusa i3 and variants

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2 Good years and now 60% size prints

by Helihead
134 5 02/13/2018 05:08PM
Last Post by Helihead

Help getting Folger Prusa going. Attachments

by Ecky
138 5 02/13/2018 05:58AM
Last Post by Ecky

MKS Gen 1.4

by bbondura
109 2 02/12/2018 10:08AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Original Prusa i3 Mk2s or Mk3 or......

by Paulgwat
334 3 02/12/2018 08:48AM
Last Post by stamos

Extruder not working (my turn) Attachments

by striker12300
147 5 02/11/2018 08:35AM
Last Post by striker12300

Noise coming from extruder motor all the sudden.

by Sin360
115 3 02/10/2018 08:05PM
Last Post by Sin360

P802 lcd

by goldman
104 3 02/09/2018 07:53AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Help for Anet A8 with Megatronics V3.1

by DirkC
114 2 02/09/2018 12:23AM
Last Post by Dust

Bed homing ?

by Bee69
150 4 02/07/2018 09:45AM
Last Post by Bee69

Controller Freezes

by Roberts_Clif
190 11 02/01/2018 04:59PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

mk42 heatbed clones

by james0934
283 3 01/31/2018 03:12AM
Last Post by Dan_1986

Ribbing, banding issue i3MK2 Attachments

by hotend
130 3 01/29/2018 11:24AM
Last Post by Thereaper

New Build: Anet A8 Prusa i3 variant Attachments

by dlc60
336 11 01/29/2018 06:21AM
Last Post by BrianRosenthal

Suggestions for Tronxy P802ma

by Badcopyinc
491 4 01/26/2018 06:25AM
Last Post by olesailor

looking for x-carriage - i3 rework, DD + mk8

by luismanson
114 1 01/24/2018 12:52PM
Last Post by luismanson

Prusa i3, how to end a print?

by dlc60
182 5 01/22/2018 11:11PM
Last Post by dlc60

Tronxy Acrylic 802 (melzi v2) Firmware

by eatumup
126 3 01/22/2018 09:45AM
Last Post by eatumup

Can't figure out why I'm printing like this... Attachments

by jbenedetto84
232 11 01/22/2018 05:12AM
Last Post by MCcarman

Nozzle not reaching set temp

by Boltazar
106 1 01/21/2018 04:25PM
Last Post by Boltazar

Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C) Attachments

by mkarius
125 9 01/21/2018 10:12AM
Last Post by mkarius

X end stepper skipping steps

by Cletus81
124 3 01/19/2018 05:11PM
Last Post by Cletus81

Prusa i3 - Home to endstops and now get no movement Attachments

by Booda
155 10 01/16/2018 09:11PM
Last Post by Dust

HICTOP Prusa I3 now working great : my configuraton.h file Attachments

by GeorgeL16
17,302 29 01/15/2018 02:55PM
Last Post by mcdanlj

Converting 12v to 24v

by Cougar281
280 17 01/13/2018 06:10PM
Last Post by Cougar281

RepRap Guru Prusa i3 V2 Extruder and LCD Problem

by mcp0119
189 5 01/13/2018 02:48AM
Last Post by Thereaper

Using nylon on the Anet A8?

by wer5x
617 3 01/11/2018 03:19PM
Last Post by Intensify

Suddenly no bed or extruder heat

by luckyflyer
104 3 01/10/2018 09:58AM
Last Post by luckyflyer

filament cooling fan shroud?

by Cougar281
111 3 01/10/2018 07:16AM
Last Post by Cougar281

New Tronxy P802M extruder heating strongly delayed and overshoot

by Neuer_User
156 9 01/09/2018 12:09PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Bq Prusa i3 Hephestos Extruder & Print Attachments

by lokmangokdere
190 3 01/07/2018 11:53AM
Last Post by lokmangokdere