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People building or using RepRaps. 
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kossel mini dual extruder

by polkary
360 1 10/11/2014 01:44PM
Last Post by polkary

y axis "extreams" flat on circle object Attachments

by carmojos
277 6 10/11/2014 08:06AM
Last Post by AbuMaia


by Rich K.
198 2 10/11/2014 03:00AM
Last Post by Ralph.Hilton

Thermister leads and heater core for the 3d printers...

by Waltermixx
288 9 10/09/2014 09:48PM
Last Post by polyglot

Prints mirror image

by tobig11
428 23 10/09/2014 08:49PM
Last Post by pushthatbolder

will ebay cnc stepper motors work?

by suntory
280 3 10/09/2014 07:37AM
Last Post by plexer

new guy

by garcea20
230 3 10/08/2014 11:32AM
Last Post by Kurzaa

Big Megatronics v2.0 delta repetier extremely slow Attachments

by lazy_mosquito
216 1 10/07/2014 11:11AM
Last Post by lazy_mosquito

Prusa i2 Can't write/read to/from printer!!

by nsoul
459 10 10/07/2014 11:00AM
Last Post by nsoul

Mendel Tricolor , 2 controller broad using difference resistors

by KenLaw
190 1 10/07/2014 01:11AM
Last Post by KenLaw

Hot end recommendations

by tanner331
862 11 10/05/2014 07:22AM
Last Post by arik

GT2 belt-end clips?

by polyglot
510 8 10/05/2014 07:16AM
Last Post by arik

Doesn't print on top of first layer

by cyberfly
276 7 10/03/2014 07:10AM
Last Post by cyberfly

Steps per unit, hardware broken?

by cyberfly
259 4 10/03/2014 07:01AM
Last Post by cyberfly

What is the maximum bowden tube length admissible?

by zelogik
1,279 18 10/03/2014 12:37AM
Last Post by sheepdog43

Pronterface and Slic3r handshake

by DougB
252 2 10/02/2014 02:03PM
Last Post by 3dkarma

Large heated bed (300x300mm)

by konwiddak
4,544 27 10/02/2014 02:01PM
Last Post by c.e.z

Z axis stepper motors lose lock

by RobertEdwards
287 4 10/01/2014 02:50PM
Last Post by RobertEdwards

Spool holder how to mount?

by polkary
333 5 10/01/2014 02:28PM
Last Post by polkary

Sanguinololu Bootloader Burned?

by Cineman05
169 8 10/01/2014 05:18AM
Last Post by Cineman05

Problems updating Melzi firmware (Nophead's fork)

by Rich K.
188 2 09/30/2014 04:35PM
Last Post by Rich K.

servo continues to sound after stopped movement

by Roberth
217 4 09/30/2014 08:31AM
Last Post by Waltermixx

Mk2b heatbed not reaching temperature

by Henners56789
363 4 09/29/2014 05:32PM
Last Post by dexterousfolder

any body can help plz sad smileysad smiley Attachments

by Omar991
176 1 09/29/2014 04:34AM
Last Post by Omar991

V-Slot is totally solid, reliable, and modular Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by MrDoctorDIV
2,541 45 09/29/2014 12:52AM
Last Post by dougal1957

Roller vs regular micro switches (endstops)

by anvoice
822 7 09/28/2014 04:18AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Mantis Electron works!

by Traumflug
338 6 09/27/2014 12:20PM
Last Post by NormandC

Sprinter File Set up

by domtropen
271 8 09/27/2014 06:23AM
Last Post by domtropen
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Atfer Hbot, go to CoreXY.

by zelogik
    This topic has been moved.

In need of Prusa I2 X-Ends

by HairLikeFrodo
235 17 09/25/2014 04:52PM
Last Post by Shank man