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People building or using RepRaps. 
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Folger tech Layer separation Attachments

by Chris732
331 11 03/30/2015 02:22PM
Last Post by rtideas

full graphics smart controller need help

by dfrogy
276 5 03/30/2015 11:21AM
Last Post by rtideas

Prusa i3 Hephestos Y axis full length

by Carlcox89
222 2 03/30/2015 10:08AM
Last Post by Carlcox89

Holes in top layer with 1 filament only

by supernielsen
268 5 03/30/2015 08:08AM
Last Post by supernielsen

Problem with endstops Attachments

by felipeleroybh
428 17 03/30/2015 07:12AM
Last Post by felipeleroybh

First Print problems

by sasaidli
211 1 03/29/2015 11:01PM
Last Post by sasaidli

firmware settings

by usman
192 1 03/29/2015 05:57AM
Last Post by usman

CoreXY Enclosure - Enclose top or not?

by AlexV
376 4 03/29/2015 03:27AM
Last Post by Zavashier

temperature set, no tool selected

by Peternew@printing
250 2 03/28/2015 01:40PM
Last Post by dougal1957

problems with first print

by dfrogy
210 3 03/27/2015 08:33PM
Last Post by dfrogy

Printer working great except for the last second

by krwynn
239 10 03/27/2015 12:36PM
Last Post by dc42

Prusa issues.Help needed... Attachments

by he3r0
277 4 03/27/2015 01:13AM
Last Post by he3r0

HIC Prusa i3 from AliExpress

by wwolkers
517 2 03/26/2015 09:45PM
Last Post by elwood127

let's build: ubrptzr 40k v3_high Attachments

by vinmicgra
2,000 8 03/26/2015 06:02PM
Last Post by migel_hrndz
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3D Printer Parts for Sale

by bjsolko
    This topic has been moved.

Folger Tech top frame smooth rod caps Attachments

by Chris732
343 9 03/26/2015 01:07AM
Last Post by Zavashier

Just a thought. Hobbed nema shafts.

by stustu242
322 7 03/25/2015 07:31PM
Last Post by tray

Heated bed problems

by nickrivera
194 1 03/25/2015 01:08PM
Last Post by nickrivera

RUMBA issue at Mosfet level (all of them gone?!)

by bolsoncerrado
242 1 03/25/2015 11:25AM
Last Post by bolsoncerrado

First print issues... Attachments

by Dibbler
188 2 03/25/2015 07:31AM
Last Post by Dibbler

Can I print Graber parts?

by hermannps
281 3 03/24/2015 05:55PM
Last Post by tmorris9

Full graphic LCD custom welcome screen problems

by nickrivera
372 2 03/24/2015 03:28PM
Last Post by ggherbaz

ABS Tprint issues. Wavy?

472 13 03/24/2015 09:03AM
Last Post by widespreaddeadhead

need help with Prusa i3 Attachments

by Blinder25
437 7 03/24/2015 06:24AM
Last Post by mardy3d

Prusa i3 Printing Issues Attachments

by ashiks
298 2 03/23/2015 04:33PM
Last Post by 3dkarma

Dripping Filament or Slipping First Layer with a Mess

by mardy3d
204 2 03/23/2015 04:25PM
Last Post by 3dkarma

Jhead Hotend not working

by imakebiodiesel
515 14 03/23/2015 12:39PM
Last Post by imakebiodiesel

Arduino LCD KeyPad Shield with ramps 1.4 wiring helpsad smiley

by jmkas
369 2 03/23/2015 11:02AM
Last Post by jmkas

Please help with Sintron Prusa i3... stuck at the commissioning stage.

by Dibbler
616 25 03/23/2015 09:21AM
Last Post by Dibbler

Marlin Problem with max6675 for T0 Attachments

by newboerg
259 3 03/23/2015 04:25AM
Last Post by newboerg